16 july 2022 An explosion Of Emotions On the Island With Symphony Melody Rock

An unforgettable Saturday evening on the island stage was created by the concert KUPON NA OSTROVA '22 - SYMPHONY-MELODY ROCK / PARTY ON THE ISLAND '22.
After the success of the concert performance "Morricone - the cinema in notes" at the beginning of July,
St. Anastasia Island for the second time this summer hosted an event that filled more than 200 fans of rock music with an explosion of emotions that will resonate in their memories for a long time.
On stage in front of the sea waves reflecting the beautiful summer sunset, in sync with the high spirits of the large audience who ranged in age from 3-4 to 70+,
unforgettable rock hits sounded:
"Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, "We Will Rock You", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Show Must Go On", "We Are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "Mamma Mia" by "ABBA", "Satisfaction" by "Rolling Stones", "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley, "Another Brick In The Wall" by "Pink Floyd", "The House Of The Rising Sun" by " Animals", "I Love Rock N'Roll" by "Eros", "Stairway To Heaven" and "Kashmir" by "Led Zeppelin", "Can't Buy Me Love" by "Beatles", "Gimme, Gimme" / "A Man After Midnight"/ by "ABBA" and "Sweet Child O'Mine" by "Guns and Roses" and others.
Of course, the audience asked for an encore. And he deserved two - a performance of a song by Deep Purple and the iconic "The Final Countdown" by the Swedish band Europe.
The orchestrations and adaptation of the eternal rock hits for symphony orchestra and rock band are by maestro Svilen Simeonov, who, despite the fact that he had temporary health problems and conducted in a chair, managed to ignite the audience with his characteristically intelligent sense of humor and attitude towards the audience. The concertmaster of the wonderful orchestra of the Burgas Opera was Hristo Belchev. The soloists who presented - with mood and apparent pleasure in the interpretation, the eternal rock hits: the young charming instrumentalist Ralitsa Petkova - electric violin, Yana Chakalska - vocalist, known to the general public for her successful participation in the music format "The Voice of Bulgaria", Yasen Zherdev – a vocalist made popular by Music Idol 2, and the wonderful professionals from the jazz formation "Sofia".
At the "Symphony Melody Rock" concert, as at all musical events under the baton of maestro Simeonov, there was an exciting evening, combining the emotional charge of rock and rock culture, which leaves an imprint on the worldview of several generations.
And the moon at the end of the concert evening was also colored a mystical red-orange, in sync with the vitals. messages of rock music.

Photos: Burgas State Opera