20 july 2020 Expo Center "Flora" was on a swing wave on Sunday

The last of a series of thematic weekends organized by the Municipality of Burgas, in which the State Opera - Burgas took part, was on the topic of "jazz". On a warm, albeit windy Sunday evening on July 19, sopranos Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krastnikova, along with Mira Iskarova on piano, Rositsa Toncheva on double bass, Patrick Konov on trumpet and Kiro Ivanov on drums proved that musicians with serious preparation and established aesthetic criteria of the classical school, could fulfill practically everything. Opera singers presented swing on the Burgas stage for the first time, and the general opinion - both of the general public and of those with pretensions for experts in the genre - was that class is class, regardless of the approach to the repertoire and the challenges of one. a style that is noticeably away from opera singing. The repertoire was selected with taste, sense, and measure, and between the two performances the two soloists exchanged remarks with a playful taste, this melted the invisible barrier between performers and audience and the concert became an emotional interaction of all who chose the concert "Swing Classic" as pleasant. spending Sunday night. This fact was palpable - by the smiles of the participants, regardless of age characteristics / there were children aged 5-6 in the audience, as well as ladies and gentlemen of respectable age /, and by the hovering mood, which could not be imitated or to be provoked without the proper dose of stage magic.

The atmosphere was created. A nice concert happened. In the elegant open space of the Flora Exhibition Center, the audience spent some moments full of meaning and emotion, and at the end of the concert evening, she was on her feet, which made the singers and musicians perform an encore.

Yes, the swing is not just a musical trend, it is a style of thinking, a standard of behavior that radiates finesse, class, sensuality, and nostalgic tenderness. This is exactly what the performers broadcast on Sunday night. In addition to their undeniable professionalism and proven high level of interpretive skills and stage presence.

The program included:

"My man's gone now" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "The man I love", music - George Gershwin, "It ain't necessarily so" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "Summertime" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "It never was you", music - Kurt Weil, "I've got rhythm", music - George Gershwin "Lullaby of birthland ”, music - J. Schering, "September Song", music - Kurt Weil, "Unforgettable", music - Irving Gordon, "Someone to watch over me", music - George Gershwin, "Moon River", music - Henry Mancini, "Sway", music - L. Demetrio, "Amadu Mio" - music by Doris Fischer and A. Roberts, "Libertango", music - A. Piazzolla, "Favorite things" - music by R. Rogers and others.

Photos and video: State Opera Burgas