10 may 2021 Exquisite Bouquet Of Vocal Works In "Songs of Europe"

Culture, style, measure, balance, measured emotion - this was the characteristic handwriting for the concert "Songs of Europe" yesterday / May 9 / in the hall of the Burgas Opera. In the concert event dedicated to the Day of Europe, soloists of the State Opera - Burgas performed famous works of a song by European artists. The sopranos Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova and Nona Krastnikova, the mezzo-soprano Ioana Kadiyska, the tenor Yani Nikolov, the baritone Branimir Nedkov and the bass Kostadin Mechkov were an attestation of the empathy of the Burgas artists with the Europe Day - with a wonderful artistic presence, intelligent, albeit in a chamber format. Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, Nona Krasnikova, and Joanna Kadiyska, who the audience knows from other joint concert events, performed two works that have become their trademark. The pianists Daria Krasteva and Nina Reichel had a wonderful stage partnership with the piano soloists. The host of the musical evening was Nona Krasnikova.

The program included: "The songs my mother taught me" by Antonin Dvorak, "Smutna reka" by Frederic Chopin Maria Madjarova, "The First Evening" by Georgi Zlatev Cherkin, and "Nani mi, nani" by Lyubomir Pipkov, performed by Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova; "Oh, Do You Remember" by Latvian composer Janis Medins, "Elegia eternal" and "The Sorrowful Maha" by Enrique Granados, performed by Nona Krastnikova; "Haidushka" and "Der gang zum Liebchen" by Johannes Brahms, by Dobri Hristov, performed by bass Kostadin Mechkov; "An Schwager Kronos" by Franz Schubert, performed by baritone Branimir Nedkov. "Gretchen on the Wheel", also by Schubert, and "I Don't Love You" by Kurt Weil were presented by Ioana Kadiyska, a mezzo-soprano. She also performed "El pano Moruno" by Manuel de Faia. Tenor Yani Nikolov performed "A vucchella" by Paolo Tosti, a Neapolitan song that compares a woman's mouth to a rose, and the canzonet "Talk to me about love" by Cesare Andrea Bixio. "The Kiss" by Luigi Arditi was performed by Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, Nona Krasnikova and Ioana Kadiyska. Another song by Kurt Weil, a German composer of the early twentieth century, known for his collaboration with Berthold Brecht - "Yukali", which tells about the utopian country of Yukali, The song was created by a German composer but is in French and in the rhythm of the tango-habanera. "This is one of the most characteristic things for Europe - the mixing of the cultures of individual countries, their intertwining, and enrichment," said host Nona Krastnikova. A logical and expected finale of the concert evening was "Ode to Joy" by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by all soloists.
The stage layout and the thematically selected lighting effects were impressive, as the festive stage was symbolically framed with the flags of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Today, May 10, in the morning block of TV Channel 0 RN Mediagroup, guest of the host of the show "Good morning, Burgas!" Maria Moskova was the soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova. The soloist of the Burgas Opera talks about the joint project with Nona Krastnikova, soprano, and Mira Iskarova, the piano - baroque concert "Time Travel", which will be on May 16 at 7 pm in the Opera Hall. The artist of the project is Diana Avelova, and the choreographer is Patricia Soares. Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova also invited the Burgas audience to the comic opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "The Wedding of Figaro" - on May 13, at 7 pm, at the Opera Hall, where she and Nona Krastnikova will play the roles of Susanna and Countess Almaviva.


Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas