22 may 2020 Fairytale "Cinderella" on Sunday, May 24, 8.30 p.m. Choreography and directing - Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov

On Sunday, May 24, at 8.30 pm, on the Facebook page of the State Opera - Burgas - https://www.facebook.com/OperaBurgas/, the YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zzgZ5Br8TeEPD7qhlR- 3w? View_as = subscriber and the official website of the Burgas Opera - https://operabourgas.com/bg/ 


Excerpt from "Cinderella", ballet by Sergei Prokofiev, choreography and direction - Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov:





Ballet in three acts by Sergei PROKOFIEV


May 14, 2014, Opera Hall


In the lead roles:


Cinderella - Vesa TONOVA

The prince - Emil YORDANOV

Fairy - Galina KALCHEVA

Cinderella's mother - Dobrina BAHOVA

Cinderella's father - Lyudmil ZLATEV

Cinderella's sisters - Nadezhda VELICHKOVA, Dilyana BAHMATOVA

Dance teacher - Svetlan NIKOLOV

Four cavaliers - Lyudmil ZLATEV, Svetlan NIKOLOV, Stefan TIPIKOV, Stanislav STANKOV


Choreography and directing - Prof. Hikmet MEHMEDOV

Scenography - Boris STOYNOV

Costume designer - Tsvetanka PETKOVA-STOYNOVA

Assistant Director - Darina GLAVANAKOVA-BAKARDZHIEVA

Sergei Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella" will take you to the fairytale world of Charles Perrault, the favorite narrator of magical stories, containing not only beautiful sorcery but also charged with faith in the Good Beginning and trust in the ubiquitous power of Justice. The plot of the fairy tale is directed by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov - the ballet performance is another attestation for the penetrating vision of the director, for the philosophical coloring - with depth, emotional color and semantic argumentation, of the constructed images, for searching and achieving extreme levels of aesthetics. , for a sophisticated approach to the details that are woven into the overall picture of a finished beauty.

In the roles of the fairy tale, to the music of the great Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev you will see - prima ballerina Vesa Tonova, as Cinderella herself, the primate of the State Opera - Burgas Galina Kalcheva, Emil Yordanov, prime minister-soloist at the Sofia Opera and Ballet and the Burgas Opera.

The performance also has sentimental value for the fans of the unsurpassed set designer and artist Boris Stoynov. His invisible presence remains on the stage - through the fabulous sets, among which the ballet performance is performed. The attractive costumes of the ballerinas are the work of his wife, also the late Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova, and, as always, are characterized by measured splendor, exquisite and precise handwork of every detail and characteristic recognizable style, bearer of the creative role of its creator.

The ballet "Cinderella" is based on the tale of Charles Perrault. Initially, writing a ballet based on it was assigned to Tchaikovsky, but the composition was not realized. Sergei Prokofiev wrote his work between 1940 and 1944, interrupted by Hitler's invasions of Russia during World War II. His composition was commissioned by the Opera and Ballet Theater "S. M. Kirov ”in St. Petersburg, but after the war the premiere took place at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. The main roles are played by the world-famous primates Galina Ulanova and Olga Lepeshinskaya. The work was greeted with applause, and Prokofiev's colleague, Dmitry Shostakovich, publicly expressed admiration.

CONTENTS (by author)

In the rich home of Cinderella's father. The evil Stepmother has turned her stepdaughter Cinderella into a maid who has to do the blackest work. The stepmother's two own daughters - the Pretend and the Quarrel - do not stop mocking and harassing the poor girl. It doesn't take long for them to quarrel with each other. The end of the quarrel is put by their mother, who takes them to prepare for tonight's ball in the palace - rumor has it that at the Spring Ball the Prince will choose a bride. Left alone, Cinderella sighs sadly on the happy days when her beloved mother was alive. The Father enters quietly. He desperately wants to caress and comfort his unfortunate child, but he is so afraid of his evil wife… When he still gets scared and hugs the unfortunate girl, the Stepmother appears and angrily attacks the tender man. The scandal between the parents attracted the attention of both sisters and overwhelmed them with glee. Prague steps over an old beggar and timidly begs for something to eat. The stepmother and her daughters immediately go down to chase her away. Cinderella's good heart shrinks with pity and she gives the unfortunate woman her piece of bread. The old woman thanks the girl and leaves. A crowd of tailors, hairdressers, shoemakers, jewelers invades, and together they set out to dress up the Pretend and the Quarrel for the ball. The Dance Teacher also arrives to make sure the girls have mastered the steps. All this time Cinderella shrinks in the corner. Poor thing, she also wants to go to the ball…

Finally, the Father, the Stepmother and the two sisters leave for the palace. Left alone, Cinderella tries to imagine how beautiful and unforgettable it will be at the ball. Suddenly the old beggar returns, takes off her ragged clothes and a beautiful Fairy stands in front of the stunned girl. She came to thank the girl for her kindness. He presents her with unseen beautiful crystal slippers and invites four fairies - in spring, summer, autumn and winter, to prepare Cinderella for the ball. The fairy presents her with flowers in the spring, a gorgeous dress in the summer, a shiny cloak in the autumn, and ornaments of sparkling diamonds in the winter. One of the pumpkins in the garden, the good Fairy turns into a fairy-tale carriage, eight field mice into a horse-drawn carriage, and a few locusts and dragonflies into a retinue of footmen and coachmen. When everything is ready, the Fairy warns Cinderella that she must leave the ball before midnight: the magic will last only until then. The fairies lead the girl to the palace.

Hall in the palace. The ball has long since begun, guests from all over the kingdom and beyond have gathered, but the Prince is still missing. Cinderella's Father, Stepmother and their two daughters enter solemnly. The sisters immediately revolve around suitors - driven mainly by the hope of a good dowry. The Prince is coming too. Despite all the efforts of the court jester to cheer him up, the young man remains pensive, not paying attention to the dancers. The idea of ​​marrying without love is not at all in his heart, so the prince, neglecting his duty as host, refuses all invitations to dance. To the great disappointment of their powerful mother, the very clumsy and clumsy Prestruvana and Svadlivka, in all their efforts, failed to impress the heir to the throne in the least. Suddenly a lovely stranger enters. This is Cinderella, which the guests of the celebration take as a princess from abroad. Enchanted by her beauty, the Prince invites her to a dance. Captivated by each other, deaf and blind to everything around them, the Prince and Cinderella turn in the whirlwind of a wonderful romantic waltz. They don't even notice how time flies. They separate from each other in their arms only once - when servants begin to deliver refreshing food and drinks among the guests, the Prince gives Cinderella the honor of taking one of the three oranges - one of the rarest and most valuable delicacies in the kingdom. The girl offers the other two fruits to Prestruvana and Svadlivka, who are so amazed and flattered by this display of attention that they do not even recognize in the face of the mysterious beauty their own step-sister. At the height of the ball, the clock strikes twelve. It's midnight! The frightened Cinderella immediately runs away, but quickly loses one of her crystal slippers.

On the stairs of the palace. Everyone rushed after the unknown beauty, but she disappeared like smoke. The prince stumbles upon the dropped slipper and excitedly picks it up with a heart pounding with joy - his hope is through it to find its lovely owner, who stole his heart.

In the palace. The prince summoned shoemakers from all over the kingdom in the hope that one of them would reveal to him who had made the crystal slipper. No matter how much they wonder and waver, none of them has a glimpse of whose hands could make such a wonderful thing. Concluding that in this case the mysterious stranger must be on the other side, the Prince decides to continue to look for her alone.

The Prince searched far and wide, traveled all over the world, wandered in many countries, met countless princesses - but to no avail: he could not find the beauty of the ball anywhere, nor had he heard anything about her. Out of desperation and despair, he decides on a last attempt - to search in his own kingdom, trying on the slipper not only of those present at the ball, but of all the girls in it.

Again at Cinderella's home. It is clear that the immense love of the Prince has allowed him to remain unaffected by the laws of time and space, as it is only in the morning after the ball, and he, it turns out, has already traveled the world in search of his beloved. As soon as she wakes up, Cinderella begins to wonder if everything that happened to her the night before was just a dream. Trying to remember and dance some of the dances at the ball, the girl is amazed to see the rest of her crystal slippers on her feet and realizes that everything was true. Cinderella carefully hides her slipper under her apron and remains dreamy and dreamy. The two sisters rush into the room. They are still subject to the excitement of the ball, they share their experiences last night, and after a while, as always, they quarrel over which of the two made the biggest impression on the Prince. There is noise through the window. Neighbors invade with the big news: The prince is so in love with the unknown beauty from the ball that he went looking for her from house to house and did not intend to stop until he found her. The prince does arrive with his retinue at Cinderella's home and begins to try on whose foot the slipper dropped into the palace will become; does not miss the Stepmother. Like those of her two daughters, her frantic efforts to shove her foot into the exquisite shoe are in vain; struggling to keep her balance, she rudely calls Cinderella for help. The frightened girl obediently runs up and when she bends down, the second crystal ball slipper falls out from under her apron. The prince looks up and recognizes the beautiful stranger who has captured his heart.

Mysterious garden. The Good Fairy Godmother brought here the Prince and Cinderella. Here they confess their love for each other. Now nothing can separate them…