09 november 2021 Fairytale "Scheherazade" Аnd Еnchanting "Romantic" Аt the Opera

Most recently, ballet fans had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the ballet extravaganza "Sleeping Beauty" to the music of PI Tchaikovsky - on October 19, this year. The performance was under the patronage of Prof. Maria Neykova, regional governor, and was presented for charity - all proceeds from ticket sales at the capacity of the Burgas Opera House, as well as the amount collected by the team of the Burgas Cultural Institution, were donated to support the treatment of 5-year-old Kristian Stoyanov, who needs from medical procedures with stem cells. Art proved once again that it could be subordinated to a noble social cause. In this regard, and as a full recognition of the awakening function of the State Opera - Burgas - both as a spiritual factor and as a social commitment, the director of the Burgas Opera - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev received a plaque on the occasion of the Day of the People's Awakeners - 1- your November. The high recognition was awarded by Prof. Maria Neykova and is for special merits, both on the spiritual front and for the social role in a time of crisis.
On November 12, Friday, at 7 pm in the hall of the Burgas Opera, a new meeting of ballet lovers will take place with two performances, which will be presented in one artistic evening - "Scheherazade" - one-act ballet to the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and "Romantic" - to the music of Franz Schubert. The author of the choreography and direction of the two performances is the renowned master in the field of ballet - Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov. The scenography is by the famous Boris Stoynov, the costume designer is no less famous in the art circles Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova / both, unfortunately, are no longer among us but remain their wonderful creations that continue their stage life /. Tutor of the ballet ensemble - Galina Kalcheva.
Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov is also a choreographer of the ballet miniature "Romantic" to the music of one of the brightest representatives of Romanticism - Franz Schubert. The scenography and costumes are the work of Nedko Georgiev. Assistant director of both productions is Petar Tiholov,
Soloists and an ensemble of the ballet ensemble at the State Opera - Burgas take part in the performances.
In the roles on the stage of Opera Burgas on Friday night in the performance "Scheherazade" will be presented: prima ballerina Ivanina Ivanova - in the role of Scheherazade. In the charity performance of "Sleeping Beauty" in October - music by PI Tchaikovsky, choreography and direction - Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, Ivanina Ivanova was in the image of Sleeping Beauty herself. The Burgas audience will see Teodor Tsakov in the role of Roba. The image of Shahriar includes the prime minister-ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov, and Svetlan Nikolov will present himself as a Eunuch. In the fairy tale, told through the means of ballet, to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov, also participate Yana Berduta, Adriana-Maria Manasieva, Daniela Turtumanova Laya Ramon, Iva Ovcharova, Ivana Fialkovska, Natalie Ivanova, Elena Georgieva, Bianca-Helen Giovanni Patricia Soares, Lora Pehlivanova, Maria Gabarova, Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov and others.
The ballet performance "Romantic" to the music of Franz Schubert, also choreographed and directed by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, features Ivanina Ivanova, Polina Ivanova, Teodor Tsakov, Daniel Tichkov, Yana Berduta, Laya Ramon, Stefan Tipikov, Kiril Filipov, and others .
Here is what Prof. Mehmedov shared in an interview with BNR on the occasion of the upcoming performances of "Scheherazade" and "Romantic":
I present the version in my own way, in unison with the dynamism of the time. in such a sense that there is another heroine in the plot who plays all these scenes of Shahriyara's infidelity. I have removed this heroine, and this is a dream of Scheherazade herself. "

Here is part of the in-depth analysis of Neyo Radev, who interprets the messages of "Scheherazade", directed and choreographed by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov:

"In the broadest sense, the idea of ​​the iconic name Sherehezada is related to the tales she tells Shah Shahriar during 'One Thousand and One Nights.' Mehmedov not only tells the plot but changes the plot itself to recreate it, demonstrating his great respect for the modern generation of audiences. It should be noted that Hikmet Mehmedov was the only one who interpreted the play in this way. Every choreographer who turned to this stage work decided the finale according to the classic plot formula: mad with jealousy, Shahriar kills Scheherazade, or she, realizing the futility of her pleas for mercy, stabs herself and falls breathless at the Shah's feet. However, such a tragic finale is missing in the music of Rimsky-Korsakov. In this sense, Mehmedov's infallible musical sense assigns the work a completely logical bright finish. The engine of the whole semantic carousel is Love. But love, in which aggression is the result of dogmas and prejudices, and forgiveness - of individual will and decision. In this play, Hikmet Mehmedov once again proves himself as an individualist, defending philosophically his views and positions of one of the thinking and deeply sensitive choreographers. "


"In the play" Romantic "there is a dreamy-melancholic mood, corresponding to the music of Schubert. The choreographer strives to recreate the spirit of romantic ballet with its light and airy images. The artists are in long bundles related to the idea of ​​sylphs and forks in romantic ballets. Historically, these tufts preceded the ballet tutus of the time of Marius Petipa (sometimes called "romantic tutus"). The performance is dominated by symphonic dance, but its compositions are smoother and the lines are more flexible and changeable. First of all, this ballet highlights the musicality of the choreographer, allowing him to create dances that correspond in spirit and form to the music of different characters and languages. Secondly, his ability to handle different choreographic styles freely, and especially the fact that he has mastered the means of symphonic dance, "says Acad. Viktor Vanslov, author of the book" Choreographer Hikmet Mehmedov "for the performance" Romantic ".


Tickets for "Scheherazade" and "Romantic" can be found at the box office of the Opera, at the box office "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /, as well as in the networks of Grabo and Eventim, in the links to events in the program:

https://operabourgas.com/bg/programme on the official website of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as on-site at the Opera before the event.


According to the requirements of ORDER RD-01-856 / 19.10.2021 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, the concert will take place under the conditions specified in the Order.