15 october 2021 A Fascinating Performance Of "Rigoletto" At The Burgas Opera

After a defiantly thrown glove to the audience - with the innovative production of "The Barber of Seville" at the end of last week, tonight those present in the hall of the Burgas Opera were immersed in the classic reading of one of Verdi's most popular operas - "Rigoletto". As the great composer himself stated, if he had to save only one of his operas, he would choose Rigoletto. Yes, not only the score - with beautiful melodies and incredibly emotional saturation but also the eternal story of the confrontation of human impulses, of hell and heaven in a human soul, of the destructive power of feelings, of betrayal and retribution of Fate, of lower passions, conquering relationships and stigmatizing the purest impulses, existential themes, and interdependencies - all of the basic directions of life are in "Rigoletto".
Maybe that's why Giuseppe Verdi's opera continues to excite, to shake, to pave paths to the heart settlements, where the answers to eternal questions are hidden ...
And tonight - with the performance of "Rigoletto", he proved it. The audience, which last week enthusiastically accepted the social satire in "The Barber of Seville" directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, under the baton of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, tonight welcomed the same creative tandem, which presented a radically different concept - and as a style. and as messages, but with a relevant emotional impact.
In addition to Verdi's timeless music, masterful directing, which relies on psychology in sculpting images, the masterful baton of maestro Kozhuharov, who turns each performance into a remarkable stage event with added aesthetic value, the monolithic construction of the orchestral part, and the overall technical and visual appearance. , all artists deserve admiration - the soloists, the orchestra, and the choir.
The young soprano Dimitrina Kechedzhieva / guest / made a strong debut in the role of Gilda - she fit seamlessly into the context and philosophy of the production and artistic composition of the Burgas Opera during the rehearsal process. Thoroughly, responsibly and with precise attention to every detail, with brilliantly mastered vocal technique and gushing natural emotionality, the young soprano built the image of the fragile girl Gilda, who keeps unsuspected strength in her unspoiled soul, which has marked the world in which she lives. A great debut in the difficult role - both vocally and as an artistic construction, for the soprano with a request for a bright future Dimitrina Kechedzhieva!
Magnificent as Rigoletto was the baritone Alexander Krunev, for whom this is a crowning role - tonight Krunev reincarnated for the 104th time in the tragic image of the sad jester - with masterfully presented psychological nuances, filigree vocal technique, and masterfully constructed dynamics with emotional amplitudes.
The tenor Daniel Damyanov once again proved his high class - both as a singing opportunity - a beautiful timbre with a soft sound, and as a memorable artistic presence. The emblematic Aria of the Duke "La donna e mobile" in his performance traditionally provoked some of the most violent reactions from the audience.
Stable in vocals and influential in the role of the robber Sparafuchile, for whom the value of human life is devalued when compared to a few silver coins, was the bass Diman Panchev. A very strong debut in the role of Madalena, Sparafuchille's sister, who is frivolous but hides kindness and a dose of compassion in her heart - with a sweeping presence on stage, dizzying charm, and beautiful timbre, fully consistent with the specifics of the role, made mezzo-soprano Ionna Kadiyska .
Impressive and completely fused with the overall emotion of the show were the bass Delyan Slavov - as Count Monterone, who in his father's pain and despair spends a curse that strikes those who were considered untouchable; mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova - emotional and beautiful on stage - as Giovanna, close to Gilda; soprano Shmilena Sultanova and bass Petar Tiholov - respectful with a noble demeanor such as the Countess and Count Cheprano / Petar Tiholov is also an assistant director of the production /; the baritone Branimir Nedkov - with a successful debut in the role of Marulo, part of the noble retinue, which hedonistically has fun and lives for and through intrigue; tenor Valyu Totev - as Mateo Borsa, soprano Aglika Petrova - debut in the image of Page.
Applause for the choir with conductor Nevena Mihaylova - an important participant in the action - both on stage and as a sound behind the curtain, for the orchestra with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, for the employees of the technical services and ... for the Burgas audience, which once again showed attitude to art, intelligent presence and sends performers to their feet.
At the end of the successful performance, the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas