24 march 2020 The Good News - In Difficult Times

The noble initiative of the Director of the State Opera - Burgas Alexander Tekeliev, picked up by the opera wardrobes who tirelessly sew protective masks, handed over to the Crisis Headquarters of the Municipality of Burgas, found a wide media response - both in local and national media. Well deserved. Because in the difficult times in which we are all, without exception, and without a selective principle by a certain attribute, it is important to maintain faith in humanity, empathy, and a desire for mutual help.

We publish some of the numerous links to articles, television and radio reports that prove that the barometer of the good that is not wanted to be intruded but is noticed is alive and working.

We would like to thank all the media, as well as the Municipality of Burgas, for introducing the wide audience to what the Burgas Opera wished to be useful during a time when it could not give its audience aesthetic pleasure. According to Alexander Tekeliyev, this is a sign to "draw a leg", and in this process, other companies, ateliers, enterprises are involved in order to continue the started by the cultural institution. And yes, there are already followers, which is great! The initiative was reflected in the official website of Burgas Municipality in FB pages of Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism and Sports Diana Savateva, on the page of Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Zornitsa Rusinova, in many national, regional and local news radios and websites.

We wish all our fans to be healthy and to meet again - then when possible, again in the halls and open spaces where we will share art - as performers and connoisseurs!

So far, the following have been submitted:
About 1500 Crisis Staff masks at Burgas Municipality / distributed for the needs of Home Social Patronage, municipal social services, state and municipal institutions working with citizens, etc. /;
100 masks at UMBAL - Bourgas;
30 tables at the Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation, Vetren - Bourgas;
15 masks of the Tsveta and Anka Varbanov Nursing home - Burgas
20 masks of the Child Protection Department - Burgas at the Social Assistance Agency - Sofia.

On behalf of the management of the State Opera - Burgas we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the institutions and media that have reflected and taken down - as a good initiative "Pass onwards", our initiative!

Thanks also to the wardrobes, under whose tireless fingers were created aesthetically pleasing attractive stage costumes, and now - much needed protective masks!


Here are a few of the numerous publications and reports on the Burgas Opera Initiative:

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Снимка: Държавна опера – Бургас