24 february 2022 Great Мood Ат Тhe Opera With "The Beautiful Elena"


On the evening of February 24, the artists of the State Opera Burgas filled the hall of the Burgas Opera with an unadulterated mood, caused by the wonderful performance of the comic opera "Beautiful Elena", music by Jacques Offenbach and directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev. The original humor with references to the present was a guarantee for two and a half hours of laughter and a little elegant escape from everyday life. The performance impressed with splendor - of colors and shades - in emotions, costumes, makeup, wigs, props. The atmosphere of the ancient Greek temples and the relations, the symbolism of the sacrifices, and the gods, who are in direct connection with the people and follow their relations, were presented in an authentic and intelligent pinch.

Those present at the performance at the Opera were transported to the time before the Trojan War - as dramatic historical moments were presented in a humorous aspect.
The audience once again had the chance to experience a masterfully presented performance, achieved by the common artistic energy of a conductor, soloists, orchestra, choir and ballet.
A beautiful vision, fully in line with the royal role of the Beautiful Helen, was the mezzo-soprano Joanna Kadiyska. The tenor Yani Nikolov presented a warm timbre and a beautiful lyrical line - like Paris. The funny image of the deceived husband Menelaus was built by the baritone Yordan Hristozov with humorous jokes and artistry. The bassist Diman Panchev presented himself with the cult of playful remarks and a memorable presence - as a priest with lustful thoughts Kalhas. Another strong incarnation in the role of Orestes, son of Agamemnon, on the Burgas stage was made by the countertenor Dimitar Arnaudov - a guest whose
characteristic voice is extremely rare.
All other artists from the Burgas Opera had a dizzying stage presence: Miroslav Dimitrov - as the messenger god Mercury, Lina Peeva - the goddess of love Venus, Kalina Popova - Juno, queen of the Olympic gods, wife of Jupiter, patroness of marriage, and family, Polina Bahchevanova - Minerva, goddess of wisdom, science, crafts and war, Branimir Nedkov - as the king of kings Agamemnon, Kostadin Mechkov - Achilles, Thessalian hero, king of Phthiotis, Milen Dinolov - Ajax I, king of Salamis, Lyubomir Todorov II, king of Lokrians, Nikolay Nikolov - the servant of Kalhas Philocom, Stefka Hristozova - Bakhis, the trusted maid and close to Elena, Natalie Ivanova - as Laena, Iva Ovcharova - Parfenis.
The orchestra, under the baton of conductor Tsanislav Petkov, the choir - with choirmaster Nevena Mihaylova, and the ballet - with tutor Galina Kalcheva were at a high level of performing skills.
Congratulations for the overall quality vision, sound, and organization of the performance are deserved by the assistant director Petar Tiholov, as well as the employees of the technical services, who took care of the overall atmosphere and the refined details of each component of the show.
At the end of the artistic evening, the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas