18 december 2021 A Full Hall Of Children And Parents Welcomed Santa Claus

If something is worth 100 percent worth living for, it is undoubtedly the feeling one has when meeting sincere children's smiles! There were plenty of them today in the Opera Hall! A hall full of festivities, with smiling beautiful children and their parents, who made them happy with "Santa Claus is coming to the Opera" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Giving sparkling moments of happiness to children who will remember for a lifetime is not only a noble but also a responsible deed.

The artists of the State Opera - Burgas and all those who were involved in the complex organization of such a large-scale event, were maximally giving - and talent, and empathy for the children's Christmas holiday, and smiles!
Congratulations to all who created a great mood today!
The beloved tale of Snow White and the Dwarves were presented by the soloists: Shmilena Sultanova - in the role of Snow White, Lina Peeva - as the evil Queen, in the image of the Prince, Snow White's savior, and Mirror - Milen Dinolov / who will play the Mirror /, The Narrator, who presents to the audience the main characters and lines in the plot development, was Branimir Nedkov, Professor - Kalina Popova, Kihlyo - Miroslav Dimitrov, Smeshko - Alexander Perperiev, Curious - Vessela Apostolova, Vseznayko - Peter Tiholov, Marble - Sofia Lovdzhieva - Malchu Dobreva.
Happy, bright, and blessed holidays to all our fans!
We are also waiting for you at the Christmas concert on December 22 at 7 pm in the hall of the Burgas Opera!

Photos: State Opera - Burgas

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