29 november 2019 Full Opera Hall Opera At The Premiere of Can Not Do Without Love

The eternal songs of Elton John, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Bubble, Queen, Aerosmith, and other popular motifs that have turned into musical legends, performed by one of the most beloved contemporary artists - Nencho Balabanov, have been electrified with unparalleled energy. charge Burgas Opera tonight at the premiere concert performance "We Can Not Do Without Love".
   The overcrowded hall evokes the fresh emotion created by the combination of beautiful music, an intelligent approach to interpretation, the humorous humorous jams in the dialogues, and the original solutions in the script.
   The two hours of the show went unnoticed - due to the dynamically structured cues between Nencho Balabanov and his stage partner - the charming and natural Sonya Kovchezlieva, the balanced selection of performed songs and the wonderful orchestration of Levon Manukyan.
The audience - which the beloved performer declared to be one of the most grateful and emotional ones to whom he presented himself, and this evening - for the first time, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, were given amusing replies that had their adequate emotional resonance. The reactions of the audience at the Opera Hall were characteristic of the grateful Burgas audience, who respected the cultural events with their intelligent presence.
   The whole performance, scripted by Yulia Manukyan, was united by the original idea that a general rehearsal for the concert was being held at the time of the performance, and Sonia Kovchezlieva evoked sincere smiles - with her charming confusion, as a waitress who accidentally fell on stage. next to the concert hall.
   For Nencho Balabanov it is difficult to express impressions other than superlatives - both as an infectious stage presence and personal charisma, and as timbre wealth, and as a vocal technique / without being a professional singer /, and as an attitude towards musical scores.
   Beautiful and impactful were his interpretations of Frank Sinatra's My Way, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing at Aerosmith, Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John, I Want Somebody To Love by Queen, George On My Mind by Ray Charles, hits by Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Bubble - a wonderfully matched amalgam of cult musical motifs.
The enduring admirations of the finale of the concert spectacle were expected and deserved - to the likes of the audience Nencho Balabanov, who was the winner in the third season of the TV show "Like Two Drops of Water", and more recently was in the image of Kuker in "Masked Singer", for Maestro Levon Manukyan, who united the soloist, his charming stage partner, the symphony orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas - as always, at a high professional level, and the band - Daniel Zhelev - drums, Ivo Dukov - piano, Hristo Neichev - guitar!
   Flowers were presented at the finals from the mayor of Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
   A wonderful premiere happened!
   It would be expected and natural for the long artistic life of the concert to perform "We Can Not Do Without Love". - on the national scene!

Rusalen Mikhailov