10 march 2023 Full Hall Of "Patilantsi" In Sliven

A full hall "Sliven" in the City of the Hundred Voivodes welcomed the artists of the Burgas State Opera this evening with the wonderful musical for children by Alexander Yosifov "Patilantsi".
The performance was held at the invitation of the Municipality of Sliven. The troupe of the Burgas Opera was honored with a beautiful basket of flowers on behalf of the mayor - Mr. Stefan Radev.
Both children and parents followed the intriguing dynamic story based on the beloved children's book by Ran Bosilek "Kingdom of Patilan".
The merry troupe led by Patilan - Dana, Gana, Dancho and Gancho, Grandma Tsotsolana, Uncle Gogo, Aunt Stanislava and Uncle Strati, in a combination with the small dog, but with a big heart - Tiger /in the role - chihuahua Lvidy/ created a fun commotion with happy end.
After the performance, the children wanted to take pictures on stage with their beloved characters.
After the performance, maestro Dimitar Karaminkov, a long-time conductor who was among those present in the "Sliven" hall that evening, spoke flattering words about the production and the performance of the artists of the State Opera - Burgas.