10 february 2021 High Performance Level Of The Concert Evening of the German Song Shmilena Sultanova, Daria Krasteva and Branimir Nedkov immersed the audience inTO the atmosphere of Romanticism

The unusually warm February evening on Tuesday /9.02./ in the Opera Hall passed under the sign of warm emotion, generated so far with vocal and piano performances at a very high level - in the "tonality" of European traditions, style, culture, and worldview.
The concert "Evening of the German Song", prepared with desire, professional attitude, finesse, taste, sense, and measure by Shmilena Sultanova, soprano, Branimir Nedkov, baritone, and Daria Krasteva, piano, presented an exquisite selection of works by German composers from the Romantic era. - Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Hugo Wolf, Liszt.
Cozy arranged stage, dim light, impressive to the intimate atmosphere, beautiful verses of colossi in world literature - like Goethe and Heine, in literary translation into Bulgarian / by Desislava Todorova /, brilliantly performed musical text - as sculpted phrases, emotional filling, and precision - All this, combined with the artistry and charisma of the three soloists, gave the evening a halo of a real class experience! Before each of the performances, the lyrics of the songs were read, translated into Bulgarian, thus the audience was fully dedicated to the overall message of the vocal works. The program included: "Initiation", "I do not suffer" "In a foreign land", "Lotus" by Robert Schumann, "Song of the water", "Faster, Cronus", "Mouse hunter", "Trout" by Franz Schubert, "The Way of Love", "Eternal Love" by Johannes Brahms, "Leave Me" by Hugo Wolf, transcriptions by Ferenc Liszt for piano of Schubert's songs "Margarita on the Wheel" and "Serenade".
The soprano Shmilena Sultanova impressed with exquisite stage clothes, make-up, hairstyle, radiance, manners, and finesse - completely in sync with the spirit of the romantic time, which she reflected through words, music, and presence. The baritone Branimir Nedkov elegantly impressed the soprano - as a stylish behavior and vision, as well as an insight into the romantic attitudes woven into the musical text, perfectly suited to his timbre and temperament. Exquisite, beautiful, fine - like appearance, attitude to the piano, velvety singing tone, brilliantly sculpted phrases, in which he invested his rich perception of the world, was the pianist Daria Krasteva.

Not to mention the very good level of sound, lighting, and overall stage appearance, complementing the generalized vision and impression of the concert performance.
The event was honored with the traditional flower basket on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, we thank you - for the attitude to art and support!
Thanks also for the intelligent presence of the audience, which even in times of trial for all of us, remains faithful to art and artists, who are its emotional-intellectual conductors to connoisseurs!
Thanks also to the media - for the permanent attention and attitude to the creative process of the Burgas Opera and for the professional coverage!



Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas