23 may 2022 Impressive Performance Of "La Bayadere" On Monday

After the awarding of the soloist of the Burgas State Opera Diman Panchev with the traditional award for May 24 of the Municipality of Burgas in the Exhibition Center "Flora", in the hall of the Burgas Opera was told the sad story of "lLa Bayadere", masterfully created production by Vesa Tonova, assistant - choreographer and tutor of the ballet ensemble - Galina Kalcheva.
After the great success of the ballet performance by Ludwig Minkus on the stage of the Drama Theater "Stefan Kirov" - Sliven at the end of last week, the same ensemble - guest soloists from the State Opera Stara Zagora, soloists and ensemble of The State Opera - Burgas, created a magnificent spectacle - both as a spectacle, and as a scale, and as an emotional charge and artistic completion of the constructed images, and as filigree details are woven into the overall impressive picture.
An exceptional role was played by the prima ballerina of the Stara Zagora Opera Anelia Dimitrova, who embodied soul, talent, mastery, finesse, elegance, and charming artistic presence, backed by perfect technical performance - with ease and inherent grace, in the role of bayadere with tragic fate Nikia.
Magnificently memorable stage presence and unappealable technique, as well as remarkable synchronicity with the other soloists and ensemble, presented the other guest soloist - Japanese Haruka Suga, in the image of Gamzati - a combination of strong spirit from the East and feminine tender sensuality.
Perfect - as overall performance, charm, quality of jumps, pirouettes, and a remarkable partnership with the two soloists, was again the Prime Minister-ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov - in the role of the warrior Solor.
All the participants in the beautiful sad tale of the tragic love that overcomes death had a wonderful performance, and the souls of those who love lovers beyond earthly ideas, Nikia and Solor, pass into the dimension of unconditional love in non-existence.
Like the Golden God and Madgava - with his characteristic dynamics in the degeneration of images, was the traditionally stable Theodore Tsakov. The great Brahmin was the dignified Svetlan Nikolov, as Gamzati's Maid was the graceful Sofia Lovdzhieva, Daniel Dimitrov made a successful debut as Dugmanta - Raja. Iva Ovcharova, Teodor Tsakov, and Svetlan Tipikov performed in the attractive Hindu dance. Yana Berduta, Natalie Ivanova, Sabina Koseva, Raya Chakarova, Kiril Filipov and Stoyan Fartunov took part in the Pas d’action. The trio of shadows were: Natalie Ivanova, Yana Berduta and Raya Chakarova. Artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas also took part in the magnificent ballet performance, which amazes with attractive scenography, emotional directing, and original choreographic solutions.
The large audience in the Opera Hall has long applauded the wonderful performers, who were honored with the traditional flower basket on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Directed and directed by Vessa Tonova
Scenography - Ivan TOKADZHIEV
Costume designer - Tsvetanka PETKOVA-STOYNOVA
Assistant choreographer - Galina KALCHEVA Galina Kalcheva
Assistant director - Petar Tiholov Petar Tiholov
He is a guest in the role of Nikia
ANELIYA DIMITROVA - prima ballerina of the State Opera - Stara Zagora Aneliya Dimitrova
He plays the role of Gamzati
HARUKA SUGA Haruka Suga - soloist of the State Opera - Stara Zagora
In the role of Solor - Daniel Tichkov Daniel Tichkov
Magdava - Theodore Tsakov Ted Cakov
The Great Brahmin - Svetlan Nikolov Svetlan Nikolov Nikolov
Dugmanta - Raja - Daniel DIMITROV
Golden god - Theodore TSAKOV
Hindu dance - Iva OVCHAROVA Iva Ovcharova, Teodor TsAKOV, Stefan Tipikov Stefan Tipikov
Pas d'action - Yana BERDUTA Yana Berduta, Natali IVANOVA Natali Ivanova, Sabina KOSEVA Sabina Koseva, Raya CHAKAROVA, Kiril FILIPOV Kiril Filipov, Stoyan FARTUNOV Stoqn Fartunov
Trio of shadows: Natalie IVANOVA, Yana BERDUTA, Raya CHAKAROVA
Assistant - Sofia LOVDZHIEVA Sofia Lovdzhieva-Svetlozarova
Soloists and ensemble of the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas

Photos: State Opera - Burgas