16 december 2022 Ioana Zhelezcheva With Magnificent Debut As Tosca In Burgas

At the end of the eventful year for the Burgas Opera, one of the most memorable and significant performances was created on the stage of the cultural institute tonight - both in terms of quality and the power of the emotional charge.
TOSCA by Giacomo Puccini was not just presented, sung, or acted.
One of the most dramatic opera titles was felt and experienced - by the conductor, the wonderful soloists, the choir, and musicians. And, of course, from the responsive large audience, without which any artistic manifestation is pointless.
Everyone in the hall of the Burgas State Opera this evening was subjected to not just another interpretation of Puccini's immortal music according to the masterful classical reading of the director, Assoc. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev.
And it was as if they were initiated into a sacrament that contains the dimensions of the purest parameters of Love and Self-Sacrifice.
The audience followed with bated breath the dramatic line of the plot, revealing a very short segment of time for the characters, but containing the entire spectrum of experiences, shocking with its tragic denouement.
The Opera told the eternal story of two lovers - the beautiful, bold, burning with love and passion Floria Tosca and the talented artist Mario Cavaradossi - with a free spirit, but a heart captivated by love.
There is hardly a person who is not moved by the drama of two people who dared to defy the cruel canons of a harsh world.
Synchronous with the stage action and plot logic were the scenographic decisions, the magnificent costumes of the soloists, created by Denis Ivanov, as well as the stage effects - video mapping recreating the symbolism of suffering, lighting, masterfully complementing the emotions expressed by the characters.
Under the baton of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, who during the rehearsals worked out - with uncompromising professionalism, every detail of the score, this evening was presented an extremely exciting performance, charged with authentic emotion.
The orchestra under his baton sounded magnificent, with remarkably constructed dynamics following the logic of the dramaturgical line and a palpable relationship to the messages of Puccini's astonishing music.
The long-awaited debut on the Burgas stage of the prima Joana Zhelezcheva is now a fact and with a truly triumphant tone.
It is no exaggeration that it is Tosca that emerges as the strongest image created by the remarkable dramatic soprano. Zhelezcheva seems to open new spaces with her inimitable timbre, and she paints in them through the nuanced manifestations of her voice.
In the image of Mario Cavaradossi, Tosca's beloved was the tenor Valery Georgiev. The synchronicity between him and Ioana Zhelezcheva was palpable, in sync recreating the dynamics of feelings and the tragic reflections of the beauty of their doomed love.
And Cavaradossi's famous Aria in the Third Act, which always, invariably excites, was the awaited and emotional highlight of the evening.
In the role of the ruthless and inexorable chief of the Police in the Eternal City - Baron Scarpia, was the famous baritone with successful appearances on world stages Krum Galabov - radiating vocal and emotional power in building the image of an unscrupulous villain who pays with his life the consequences of his meanness and self-centeredness.
In the role of the escaped prisoner, Cesare Angelotti was convincingly and emotionally presented by Diman Panchev Diman Panchev, bass.
In the overall picture of the successful performance tonight, the bass Kostadin Mechkov - in the role of Klisarya, the tenor Yani Nikolov - in the image of the police agent Spoleta, the bass Petar Tiholov - as Sharone, Ivan Grozev Ivan Grozev, bass - in the role of the Jailer, Lina Peeva Lina Peeva LINA PEEVA, mezzo-soprano - The Shepherd /as a voice behind the scenes/.
The wonderful sounding choirs of the State Opera - Burgas, conducted by Nevena Mihaylova, and the young singers from the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" Choir Burgas, conducted by Svetla Stoeva, were also part of the overall strong musical-stage impact. charge in the performance of "Tosca" - felt and appreciated by those present, among whom there were quite a few foreigners.
And the famous large-scale Te Deum at the end of the first act was shocking - with the power of the invested meaningful and symbolic charge.
Congratulations are also due to all the specialists from Dimitar Peshev's technical services, who stay out of the lights and applause, but are irreplaceable in the birth of any stage event - stage workers, wardrobe, lighting, sound directors, subtitle manager Srebrina Slavova, make-up artist and hairdresser Kalina Popova, as well as and the accompanists who built each phrase with the soloists and choir in the rehearsal process.
At the end of the performance, the traditional colorful greeting was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality, Dimitar Nikolov. Expect details on the official website of the Burgas Opera:

Photos: State Opera - Burgas