21 july 2020 The "Island Party" Program Starts With "Argentine Tango"

 The first musical event of the State Opera - Burgas on the island. "St. Anastasia", included in the program "Party Оn Тhe Island" 2020 is the concert performance "Argentine Tango" - on July 24, from 21.00, on the picturesque open stage near the beach on the island of Burgas. "Argentine Tango" is another great project of the conductor Svilen Simeonov, who is known for his artistic stage behavior, charismatic presence, intelligent sense of humor, and the ability to build an emotional bridge with the audience, which is an undisputed favorite.
On the stage, which has become a favorite place to experience exciting moments, combining a trip at sea, admiring the romantic sunset, and the pleasure of contact with beautiful music, will be arranged arrangements of the maestro of famous and beloved rhythms. They have woven into themselves the charge of the original South American taste for life, the attitude to the emotional interaction of the dance of a man and a woman, which reflects a universe of feelings, the beauty of movements, rhythms, and overtones of passion…
"Argentine Tango", performed by the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, under the expert baton of Svilen Simeonov, who is aware of how to achieve the optimal effect of aesthetic pleasure in the audience, will sound the passionate rhythms of iconic tango by Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Jacob Gade, Julio Sanders, and Pedro Pinha. On the island stage will sound: "Adios, Muchachos", "La Comparsita", "Libertango", "Zhalozi", "Milonga de Miss Amores", "Wolver", "Tanguera", "Milonga Sentimental", "El Choclo", " La Punya Lada, Adios, Noninho, Oblivion, Fugue and Mysterious, and A Media Luz. They are a favorite of both music lovers and fans of the Seventh Art because more than once these melodies have sounded in key scenes from famous films. In addition to Argentine tango, the program will include works from musical projects by conductor Svilen Simeonov, as well as film music in other musical genres.
As an additional visual effect to the concert performance is the additional image to the musical themes - of ballet dancers from the artistic staff of the State Opera - Burgas, who will weave an emotional charge into the overall aesthetic and musical picture. Through the signs and messages of the bodies, they will not only complete the messages but will also make the audience want to embark on the temperamental rhythms of tango. The choreography is by Galina Kalcheva, who is the creator of the idea and the successful Dance Gala, which was presented on the stage of the Summer Theater on July 10. Within the framework of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov". The concertmaster is Hristo Belchev.
The concert performance is with the participation of an orchestra and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas.
The other events of the "Party on the Island" program are: on August 8 - "Love Story" - music from classical French cinema, conductor - Jordan Dafov, soloists: Andreana Nikolova and Alexander Baranov, concertmaster - Hristo Belchev, and "Dance Rock with Milena ”- on August 22, conductor Levon Manukyan, with the special participation of rock singer Milena Slavova, concertmaster - Hristo Belchev.

DEPARTURE FROM SHOP 1 AT 20:00, TEL 0884 025918, 0875343043, 056825772

* The management of the State Opera - Burgas reserves the right to make changes in the program.