07 september 2021 After The Island - "Viva Maria" With Success In Pomorie

Sunday evening / September 5 / in the National Cultural House "Prosveta 1888" in Pomorie passed under the sign of Italian and Spanish canzonets - performed by the three soloists of the Burgas Opera: Daniel Damyanov - tenor, Yani Nikolov - tenor, Alexander Krunev - baritone, on the piano - Raina Popova.
The canzonets suggest a high degree of mood - this was proved tonight in Pomorie. Although the concert "Viva Maria!" was scheduled to take place outdoors - in the square in front of the Chitalishte in the beautiful seaside town, it created enough empathy and indoors. The reason was objective - due to the cold weather, strong wind and rain forecast, the concert program was moved to the hall. This fact to some extent misled the people in the audience, expecting an outdoor event, as in other years. They entered the hall periodically after the start of the concert, apparently not knowing in advance
to change the destination. But, in the end, the concert turned out - and exciting, and shared, and at a high professional level. The three soloists and the pianist Raina Popova managed to build remarkable synchronicity - both musically and as an emotional connection, building dynamics and conveying the messages of each of the works. The reactions of those present were eloquent - they definitely did not accidentally come across the concert, organized by the Municipality of Pomorie. The audience was understanding, intelligent, and responsive on Sunday night in Pomorie and rewarded the wonderful soloists and pianist with enthusiastic applause - fully deserved.
The program of "Viva Maria!" Included: "Core 'ngrato", "Nonti scondar di me" by Ernesto de Curtis, "Return to Sorrento" by Ernesto de Curtis, "Mamma" by Cesare Bixio, "Mack" by Lacale , "O sole mio", "Parla mi d 'amore", "Funikuli, Funikila", "Amapola", "Mattinata", "Granada", as well as popular serenades, two arias from Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Rigoletto" and others.
The premiere of the concert "Viva Maria!" was on August 15 on the open scenic stage on the island of St. Anastasia. Mira Iskarova was on the piano then. The concert program, selected with taste and sense of the expectations of the audience, lived its successful stage life, proving that this music format is always sought after and profitable. Excellent culture of vocal and piano interpretation, as well as skillful communication with the audience, difficult and at the same time attractive program, very good stage interaction, and emotional adjustment of the performers - these are the main parameters outlining the success of a concert. And they were all present in "Viva Maria!" оn Sunday night.