02 june 2022 June 1st Gift For Children From Chernomorets With "Max&Moritz

On June 2, students from the elementary and junior high schools of Hristo Botev Primary School in Chernomorets welcomed and enthusiastically welcomed the artists of the Burgas State Opera, who presented the children's opera by Alexander Yossifov / Alexander Yosifov "Max and Moritz" at the stage of the National Chitalishte "Dimo Nikolov 1908". Many performers, many spontaneous reactions, and sincere admiration deserved all the performers.
The performance of the beloved by both young and old directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, was a kind of gift for the children from Chernomorets on June 1 by the mayor of the city Mr. Rosen Despov. "He is a zealous admirer of the art of music and said he would once again invite artists from the Burgas Opera for performances and concerts," said Diana Barkacheva, organizer of the Burgas State Opera.
For the children from Burgas, the two famous Kalpazans will present their funny whites on Saturday, June 4, at 11 am in the Opera Hall - Max and Moritz.