31 august 2022 Kiril Manolov and friends-A Brilliant Coda Of The Summer Season

An exceptional musical celebration took place tonight on the stage of the Burgas Summer Theater - Official page with the opera gala KIRIL MANOLOV AND FRIENDS / KIRIL MANOLOV AND FRIENDS.
Before the magnificent musical-scenic evening, this year's award named after the world-renowned conductor Emil Chakarov was presented to another world artist - Kiril Manolov Kiril Manolov Todorov. The prize, which is awarded for special merits in the field of musical art, with which the eminent Bulgarian baritone was awarded, was presented by Diana Savateva, deputy mayor of the Burgas Municipality for culture, sports and tourism and the director of the Burgas State Opera - Associate Professor Alexander Tekeliev Alexander Tekeliev.
Diana Savateva sent well-deserved congratulations to the director of the Burgas Cultural Institute for the successful and eventful summer calendar, and she wished the winner of the "Emil Chakarov" award to add new world scenes and achievements to his impressive creative business card.
On his part, Kiril Manolov, visibly excited and natural in expressing his emotions, thanked for the honor and reminded that at the beginning of his career he was part of the team of the Burgas Opera and always returns here with special excitement and desire.
The Burgas audience still remembers his remarkable and colorful stage interpretation of Don Juan in the opera of the same name by V. A. Mozart - way back in 2004, in a stage partnership with Alexander Tekeliev, director of the production, which has been performed with success until now. His impressive Amonasro in "Aida" by Verdi, directed by Prof. Pavel Gerdzhikov, is also bright, when he was on the same stage with the unforgettable Kamen Chanev, Joana Zhelezcheva and Daniela Dyakova. Many of his other stage incarnations are also memorable, leaving a bright mark on the cultural space of Burgas.
The large-scale opera gala "Kiril Manolov and Friends" was a brilliant last chord of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2022.
In a friendly and collegial stage partnership, together with the winner of the award, under the baton of maestro Grigor Palikarov, three other great Bulgarian singers appeared on the stage of the Summer Theater: the magnificent dramatic soprano Joana Zhelezcheva, the outstanding mezzo-soprano Daniela Diakova and the wonderful young tenor Mihail Mihaylov Mihail Mihaylov.
The opera gala passed like a rainbow of emotions, in which soloists, orchestra and choir, united - as a common energy charge, by the precise baton of Prof. Palikarov, were completely in the tonality of great art.
The international intelligent audience, reacting spontaneously and with understanding to the messages conveyed through the music, was in full sync with the performances - a tangible emotional resonance was obtained!
The audience once again made sure that Bulgarian opera singers are at an indisputably high level and are convertible everywhere on world stages - as carriers of the traditions and genome from Orpheus times...
Kiril Manolov once again proved that both as a spirit, as a physique, and as dimensions of talent, and as an attitude towards art, the creative process and colleagues, he is undeniably great!
Ioana Zhelezcheva showed once again that she is a singer of the highest class, and her timbre contains a rich spectrum of nuances - from the warm range with gentle shades, to moments of eruption with exceptional impact power, with a therapeutic effect for the spaces of the soul.
Daniela Dyakova was like a fiery charge of energy on the stage - with sweeping power of voice, inner strength, conquering femininity - a real artistic fury, both in individual performances and in duets, in which she showed a flair for building a quality ensemble - by all canons.
Mikhail Mihailov was in the role of a sophisticated young gentleman with the air of a nobleman - captivating with a caressing timbre, personal charm, softness of musical expression and remarkable mastery of the voice. And with Cavaradossi's famous Aria from "Tosca" by Puccini, he hardly left anyone indifferent to the drama of a loving male heart - sung magnificently, like a groan of the soul...
Undoubtedly, maestro Palikarov was an expert leader of the entire process of the opera gala - as a style, a stable self-esteem in the role of the leader of the event, which he built up to the high dimensions of a pure sample of art, without compromises and without half-heartedness - as befits an initiate in the mystery of Perfection to which we strive…


Congratulations to the excellent soloists, conductor, orchestra players - with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, choral artists - with conductor Nevena Mihaylova - for the brilliant coda of the oversaturated summer season of the Burgas Opera!
The orchestra members were subject to the energetic charge of maestro Palikarov, who - like "fire and ice" balanced the emotions and canonized them in a refined and at the same time exciting musical statement, in whose homogeneous fabric there is nothing superfluous or missing.
Admirations also for the choir - balanced and wonderful sounding, as a solder with the overall concept of the gala and the general mood and sound. Particularly impressive - both as a brilliant performance and as evocative - was the "Chorus of the Witches" from "Macbeth" by Verdi.
The program of the opera gala sounded:
Ballet music from Act III of the opera Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi; Escamilio's couplets from the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet - performed by Kiril Manolov and the chorus of the State Opera - Burgas; Turandot's aria from the opera of the same name by Giacomo Puccini - performed by Ioana Zhelezcheva; The cry of Federico from the opera "The Arlesian" by Francesco Chilea - performed by Mihail Mihailov; Duet of Santuzza and Alfio from the opera "Country Honor" by Pietro Mascani - performed by Daniela Dyakova and Kiril Manolov; La Vallee's aria from Alfredo Catalani's opera of the same name - performed by Ioana Zhelezcheva; Duet of Dulcamara and Nemorino from the opera "Elixir of Love" by Gaetano Donizetti - performed by Mikhail Mihailov and Kiril Manolov; Princess de Bouillon's aria from the opera "Adriana Lecouvreur" - performed by Daniela Diakova; Chorus of witches from the opera "Macbeth" by Giuseppe Verdi; Cunning Peter's aria from the opera of the same name by Veselin Stoyanov - performed by Kiril Manolov; Duet of Aida and Amneris from the opera "Aida" by Verdi - performed by Joana Zhelezcheva and Daniela Dyakova; Cavaradossi's aria from the opera "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini was presented by Mikhail Mihailov; Joanna's aria from the opera "The Maid of Orleans" by P. I. Tchaikovsky was performed by Daniela Dyakova; Duet of Aida and Amonasro from the opera "Aida" by Verdi - Yoana Zhelezcheva and Kiril Manolov; A toast to Turidou from the opera "Peasant Honor" by Pietro Mascani was presented by Mihail Mihailov, together with the chorus of the Burgas Opera. An impressive finale of the opera gala was the impressive scene "TE DEUM" based on the opera "Tosca" by Puccini, with which the winner of this year's "Emil Chakarov" award Kiril Manolov with the chorus of the Burgas Opera set the coda of the evening.
Leading the opera gala was the charming Kalina Popova Kalina Popova.
At the end of the festive evening, flowers were presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality Dimitar Nikolov, Ivan Alexiev, Mayor of Pomorie Municipality, as well as on behalf of the management of the State Opera - Burgas - for the wonderful soloists and conductor.
Stay tuned for a video!
Until new happy and exciting meetings with the performances and concerts of the State Opera - Burgas - at the beginning of October!
Another significant event is coming up - the first national competition for young opera singers with international participation "Stoyan Popov" / October 17-21, in the hall of the State Opera - Burgas:

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