22 august 2019 Maestro Palikarov with a priz "Emil Chakarov"

Maestro Grigor Palikarov received this Annual's prize in the name of Emil Chakarov before the performance of Verdi's Mask Ball on the stage of the Burgas Summer Theater. The prestigious music award, which is being awarded for the ninth time in a row, was presented by Mrs. Ruska Boyadzhieva, Deputy Mayor of Burgas Municipality.
Maestro Palikarov is currently conducting the production, which is part of Burgas Musical Holidays "Emil Chakarov".

The staging of Verdi's opera, an innovative directorial decision by Alexander Tekeliev, unleashed its dramatic brilliance on the stage of the Summer Theater this night - the life mask with masks contains the whole spectrum of emotions and feelings - doubts, painful collapses, treacherous aspirations, whirlwinds pure love marked by doom ...
Mysteries, conspiracies, internal struggles, redemption - all this, as a beautiful musical story about the power of feelings, was presented by the magnificent soloists - the guest Valery Georgiev, in the role of the noble Ricardo, Yoana Zhelezcheva - the breaking link between love and the long Amelia, Marian Yovlian Renato, Miglena Slavova - with a strong debut in the role of Oscar, Daniela Dyakova - the mysterious and inspiring fortune teller Ulrika, conspirators Delyan Slavov - Samuel, Diman Panchev - Tom, Branimir Nedkov - debut as Silvano and Milen Dinol in - the role of the Chief Judge. They built memorable images, in sync with orchestra, choir, and ballet!
The set design of "Mask Ball" was also stylish and impressive with the overall impact of the spectacle, and the costumes were beautiful and in accordance with the character of the images, whose overall look they complemented.
Admiralty for Master Palikarov, who was inspired and perfect on the conductor console!

 Photos by Lina Glavinova