17 december 2019 Magnificence Of Beauty And Grace In Nutcracker

The classic Christmas story of ET Hoffman's favorite story "The Nutcracker" by which P. I. Tchaikovsky created his immortal ballet work "The Nutcracker" gave the Burgas audience the opportunity to enter the magical world of the fairy-tale ballet fairy popularity and has become a must-have part of the festive program of any music and stage theater. On Tuesday, December 17th, at 7 pm, the ballet of the Burgas Opera told - through the means of art, under the music of the Terpsichore muse, the fairy tale about Masha and the Nutcracker. The remarkable choreography and direction of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov combined the best of classical traditions with his perfectionism - in terms of detail, the messages hidden behind each movement, as well as the remarkable emotional filling of the created images. On the stage of the Burgas Opera unfolded - in festive splendor and brilliant gradation, the story of the dream of little Masha and the magical transformation of the Hazelnut into a fairy prince. The set design and costumes were created by Radostin Chomakov, the tutor of the production is Galina Kalcheva, assistant director - Peter Tiholov.

The fairy tale story was recreated by the magnificent Daniela Turtumanova - such as Masha, Daniel Tichkov - Hazelnut, Svetlan Nikolov - Drosselmeier, Yana Ovcharova - the Black Queen. In the beautiful large-scale ballet performance on stage, in their full splendor, there were also: Adriana - Maria Manasieva, Ognyan Ivanov, Polina Ivanova, Marian Yankov, Elena Georgieva, Natalie Ivanova, Maria Markova, Madlena Bobeva, Ivanina Tianovat, Stefan Tipikov, Stofyan Fartunov, Patricia Soares, Iva Ovcharova.

In addition to the soloists and the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, the talented and the ballet classes of National School of Art and Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas.

Crusher is the story of a little girl who receives a hazelnut for her Christmas present from her godfather. She still does not know that the wooden soldier, whose purpose is simply to break the hard shells of hazelnuts and nuts, will be transformed into a fairy prince, who will take her to the dancing snowflakes and fairies, to the most beautiful dolls and flowers, to He is fighting the Mouse King and will marry her to make her a fairy princess. Tchaikovsky's ballet was first staged the week before Christmas in 1892 at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, but without much success. It took more than forty years to gain worldwide recognition - set in England in 1934, ten years later success followed him in San Francisco, USA, and ten more years later - in New York, where he reached the top of your glory. Since then, ballet has been put there every year since Christmas, and this is an invariable tradition. The Libretto of the Hazelnut is the tandem Vsevolozhki - Petipa, which is the basis of Tchaikovsky's most successful works.


Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov