11 november 2023 Magnificent Second Premiere Of Thumbelina" On Saturday

A magnificent second premiere of PALECHKA / THUMBELINA was created by the ballet troupe artists today in the hall of the Burgas State Opera.
 Both the children and their parents will experience real enchantment at the show, conceived, choreographed, and directed by Maria Tabakova today.
A large audience - again, a warm atmosphere and an outburst of applause that reflected real admiration was in the Opera House.
And a bouquet of smiles, of course.

A floral greeting was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and a bouquet of flowers - especially for the performer of Palechka - the Japanese ballerina Nanako Sako.

The production - like a jewel made of jewelry, already acquires a more mature appearance, preserving the gushing emotion and an incomparable mood, introducing the attendees to a real fairy tale kingdom - with magical creatures, twists and turns, and, of course, a happy educational ending - with a glamorous ball in a beautiful castle.

The soloists Nanako Sato and Francesco Russo were again delightful - in true artistic and emotional symbiosis, in rays of light and smiles.

Magnificent were all the ballet dancers on stage today - painting with their bodies the beautiful fairy tale.

After the show, many children wanted to take pictures with the characters from "Thumbnail", and Nanako Sato received a wonderful colorful drawing from her little fan, inspired by Andersen's fairy tale.

We wish the new children's ballet production of the Burgas Opera a long stage life!
The smallest viewers need such performances, created with taste, attitude, affection, and a sense of the purity of the children's soul...
The State Opera - Burgas maintains a good tradition and offers a rich children's repertoire with wonderful children's productions.