24 august 2019 Minutes of Applause After the End of the Ballet Performance!

The Summer Theater was subject to magic - an influential blend of the immortal Shakespearean plot and the philosophically-aesthetic message of Prokofiev's music.
The large-scale production, by choreography and directing by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, restoration - Vesa Tonova, assistant-director - Peter Tiholov, was fully sustained in the spirit of the highest sublime parameters of classical ballet art.
The trajectory of the movements of the soloists and the ballet ensemble were in harmony with the conceptual concept - in every detail, lined with thought, inspiration, aesthetic justification.
The audience experiences an exciting unfolding of the plot and images, and emotional build-up, a condensed substance of dramatic feelings that have sculpted the eternal theme of love, self-sacrifice, the crowning of purity and the power of doomed interconnectedness.
The leitmotif of the beautiful dramatic spectacle was - love is immortal, it passes through the imaginary portal of material reality and is doomed to eternity, in a better world, where death is transformed by the spirit and receives Divine blessing.

Tonight the large audience will encrust in the emotional space of memory the vivid images of Juliet - the brilliant debut of the young IVANINA IVANOVA - a striking beauty in all its dimensions, and Romeo - densely and impactfully constructed by EMIL YORDANOV!
Admiralty for artistic inspiration and empathy for the construction of the play and Tibalt - Milen Petrov, Mercutio - Daniel Tichkov, Benvolio - Ognian Ivanov, Paris - Teodor Tzakov, Nurse - Antony Paskaleva, Padre Lorenzo S Peten Karen Petrov, Milen Petrov Capulets - Svetlan Nikolov, Senor Montecchi - Ivan Grozev, Daniela Turtumanova, Yana Berduta, Anelia Ivanova, Yana Ovcharova, Polina Ivanova, Adriana-Maria Manasieva, Madeleine Bobeva, Branimir Nedkov. All the brilliant ballet dancers built the extravaganza on stage at the Summer Theater tonight!
The stylish set design, which complemented the generalizing look of the spectacle, was by Radostin Chomakov and the artist of the aesthetically pleasing costumes was the work of Chavdar Chomakov.
Each of the ballet artists was in a beautiful symbiosis with the idea and its overall stage realization!