02 august 2022 Monumental "Aida" In The Summer Theater Of Burgas

After such experiences, marked with the stigma of exclusivity, a person quiets down and prefers to talk with his inner "I", to emotionally process what he saw and felt, to transform it into an incomparable constructive force in order to reach every cell the life force of Art. Its most refined dimensions, in its most effective form, in its most complete aesthetic form were presented with the exceptional performance of "AIDA" - WITH SANJA ANASTASIA / "AIDA" WITH SANJA ANASTASIA on Tuesday evening /August 2nd/ on the stage of Burgas Summer Theater - Official page.
The emotion could not be conveyed through words and pictures.
But if at least a part of it manages to reach you, then the mission of music has been accomplished. And it is the most universal art, the means of expression of which are accessible to people of any race, age and social status.
A true musical event was recreated under the baton of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, who managed to breathe energy and exciting life into every note of the score, charging it with the spark of authentic emotion and undisputed professionalism! The orchestra was extremely monolithic - in terms of sound and delivery of musical messages.
Also notable in Burgas, after numerous appearances on world stages, was the Serbian opera diva Sanja Anastasia - with the shattering impact of her incredible voice, sweeping power of her inner fervor, captivating and mesmerizing charisma - as the powerful pharaoh's daughter Amneris, who loses the fierce battle for the heart of beloved Radames!
Phenomenally built dynamics and jewel-sculpted phrases, with velvety softness and beautiful timbre nuances from the magnificent dramatic soprano Joana Zhelezcheva - in one of her strongest stage incarnations as the enslaved princess Aida!
Dense, with a strong charge, full-blooded sounding, saturated with empathetic feelings and drama, brilliant vocal technique - the trademark of the famous baritone with a worldwide career Krum Galabov in the role of the enslaved king of Ethiopia Amonasro.
Emotionality, shades of deep sensitivity, artistry, and beautifully constructed dynamics reflecting the experienced feelings of Radames - a brave general caught in the trap of a cruel choice between love and duty to the Motherland - are wonderfully recreated by the brilliant tenor Valery Georgiev.
Dignity, remarkable timbre nuances and an almost hypnotic radiance were presented on stage by bassist Delyan Slavov in the image of the High Priest of Egypt.
Kostadin Mechkov, bass - as Pharaoh of Egypt, soprano Stefka Hristozova - Priestess, Milen Dinolov Milen Dinolov - Messenger had a wonderful stage presence, complemented by respectable vocal achievements.
All over 130 performers - orchestra - with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, wonderfully balanced choir - with conductor Nevena Mihaylova Nevena Mihaylova, attractive ballet - the characteristic choreography, sustained in ancient Egyptian style, received well-deserved admiration in the sumptuous production, whose consecutive performance was memorable. to Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov Hikmet Mehmedov, tutor of the ballet ensemble - Galina Kalcheva!
Congratulations also to the specialists from the technical services "behind the scenes" Georgi Vangelov - stage workers who took care of the impressive sets, the work of the artist Chavdar Chomakov, sound directors, lighting, assistant director Lina Peeva ЛИНА ПЕЕВА, make-up and wigs Kalina Popova, responsible for subtitles Srebrina Slavova, dressers - some of the costumes of the soloist ensemble were provided courtesy of the State Opera - Stara Zagora, prompter Dora Fertunova, etc.
Last but not least - as an important element of the overall structure of the performance, we should mention the impressive sets and costumes that transport to the era of Ancient Egypt - with stylized pyramids, hieroglyphs, temples, and rituals.
The performance is in parallel with the exhibition "The Power of Egyptian Symbols", which is housed in the Opera House.
The remarkable event was part of the calendar of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2022, realized by the Burgas State Opera, in partnership with the Municipality of Burgas.
Officials, representatives of the local administration, and cultural figures were noticed among the numerous international audience, which several times interrupted the action with thunderous applause after the performances of the outstanding soloists.
At the end of the three-hour splendor "Aida", the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas