12 june 2020 Municipality of Burgas with gratitude to the Burgas Opera 7420 protective masks were provided for the needs of the Municipal Crisis Headquarters

The Director of the State Opera - Burgas Alexander Tekeliev received an official DONATION CERTIFICATE from the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov - to assist the Municipality of Burgas in the fight against COVID-19. "On behalf of the citizens of Burgas - thank you sincerely for your donation!", Says the Certificate - on behalf of the mayor.

For the needs of the Crisis Headquarters, established at the Municipality of Burgas, which, in parallel with the National Operational Headquarters for Coronavirus Control, coordinates various activities to reduce the affected citizens and citizens of the municipality, 7420 protective masks were handed over. Only on March 18, when the Burgas Opera provided the first batch of masks sewn by the wardrobes of the cultural institution, 1620 masks were handed over, and the sewing of protective equipment began in the studios of the Opera even before the official declaration of the state of emergency - on the 13th. March, given the new cases of the disease on the territory of Bulgaria and the declaration of a global pandemic. Exceptional security measures for employees of the Burgas Opera were also introduced before the above date.

So far, 6770 masks have been distributed for the needs of social institutions, hospitals, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the OD of the Ministry of Interior, the Social Assistance Directorate, the Transport OP, municipal services, and citizens of the city, and 650 are currently available. to be used as intended if necessary.

At the end of May, the Burgas Opera also received a thank you address on behalf of Dr. Boyko Mirazchiiski, Executive Director of UMH Burgas, on the occasion of providing nearly 4,000 reusable protective masks for the needs of doctors and nurses working at the University. multi-profile hospital for active treatment - Burgas. This is a gesture of gratitude and appreciation from a medical institution, which during the state of emergency had one of the greatest needs for protective equipment to preserve the health and lives of its staff, who are at the forefront of the fight against severe disease.

In May, a letter of thanks was also received from the Mayor of Ruen Municipality - Mr. Ismail Osman, regarding the provision of 100 masks for the needs of elderly people from the municipality, who are the most vulnerable.

From the beginning of the declaration of the state of emergency until the end of May 2020, the wardrobes of the State Opera - Burgas have handed over to the Municipal Crisis Staff for the needs of medical, social institutions and employees of the state administration completely free of charge over 15,000 protective masks.