13 july 2022 Music Of Rock Legends Sounds On The Island On Saturday

Another explosion of emotions and exciting experiences is coming on the island of "St. Anastasia" on Saturday - July 16, at 9 p.m., with the concert program "Symphony Melody Rock" under the baton of the favorite of the Burgas audience, and not only - maestro Svilen Simeonov.

Fans of rock music, whose impact does not diminish with age, and timeless rock songs continue to be loved by representatives of all generations, will be charged with a high dose of adrenaline during the concert on the open stage. The attractive musical-scenic project is one of the challenges of the conductor Svilen Simeonov, known for his masterful orchestral interpretations of well-known musical themes - in the style of Latin, Argentine tango, rock, songs from the repertoire of colossi in the musical culture of the 20th century - Beatles, Queen, ABBA, etc. Maestro Simeonov is known for his inherent artistry and direct communication with the audience, with whom he always achieves emotional synchronicity.

With his inherent charismatic presence, maestro Simeonov is not only a conductor and author of the arrangements adapted for symphony orchestras and rock band but also a skilled presenter of the concert program. As always, on the stage of the Island, he will be able to electrify the space around him - as with the sweeping emotional wave of timeless rock hits, which will be filled with a mood created by the interaction of the conductor, and performers and audience. The maestro is known for his incomparable casual way of communicating with the audience, conveying the mood, messages, warmth, temperament, and sensual charge of the musical scores. Not every concert can be called an event. And Svilen Simeonov turns the concerts under his baton into a memorable spectacle.

On the picturesque island stage on Saturday - with the inherent exclusivity and sweeping element of emotions of rock music, the famous hits will sound:

"Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple, "We Will Rock You", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Show Must Go On", "We Are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "Mamma Mia" by "ABBA", "Satisfaction" by "Rolling Stones", "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley, "Another Brick In The Wall" by "Pink Floyd", "The House Of The Rising Sun" by " Animals", "I Love Rock N'Roll" by "Eros", "Stairway To Heaven" and "Kashmir" by "Led Zeppelin", "Can't Buy Me Love" by "Beatles", "Gimme, Gimme" / "A Man After Midnight"/ by "ABBA" and "Sweet Child O'Mine" by "Guns and Roses" and others.

The orchestrations and adaptation of the eternal rock hits for symphony orchestra and rock group are by maestro Svilen Simeonov, concertmaster of the orchestra of the Burgas Opera will be Hristo Belchev. The soloists who will present the popular and beloved rock compositions are the young instrumentalist Ralitsa Petkova - electric violin - well known to the Burgas audience with her successful participation in the concert performances "Latino Pulse", "Argentine Tango", "Le grand tango" and others successful projects recently presented in Burgas, on the island of St. Anastasia, the seaside scene in Tsarevo, etc.; Yana Chakalska - vocalist, known to the general public for her successful participation in the popular music format "Voice of Bulgaria", Yasen Zerdev - vocalist and the wonderful musicians from the Jazz formation "Sofia".


At the "Symphony Melody Rock" concert on Saturday, as at all musical events under the baton of Maestro Simeonov, is guaranteed to be an exciting evening, combining the emotional charge of rock music, which brings vitality, zest for observing life-affirming maxims, high degree of mood in extreme parameters, worthy of the messages of rock legends, recreated in unforgettable song titles.


"In 2015, the idea for, a joint project between Symphony Sofia and Dance Formation Sofia with its rock band, was born. We advertise it as "Rock Symphony" to cover a wider range of music lovers, but in the arrangement and adaptation from pianoforte to symphony orchestra I give priority to the voicing, and in the orchestration to the symphony orchestra, not so much to the rock band. That is why I have arranged some of the songs only for a symphony orchestra, without a rock band and vocals. In the concert, we will offer an interesting symbiosis between a symphony orchestra, a rock band, and vocals with electric violin and saxophones. All this will be presented in an attractive and accessible way for the audience, with short explanations from me about the history of the creation of each of the songs, with teasing and questions to the audience", says Svilen Simeonov in an interview with the media about his project, which the audience on the Island will hear, see and feel on Saturday night under the stars.


Tickets for the event, which is part of the "Island Party" 2022 program, carried out for another year by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas, can be purchased at the Opera's box office, the "Clock" box office, as well as in the Grabo networks and Eventim.

Departure for the island of "St. Anastasia" - on July 16, Saturday, at 8:00 p.m. from Shop 1 of the Maritime Station - Burgas.