18 december 2022 The Nutcracker" Filled The Opera House With An Audience

Despite the rainy weather on the day off and the "competition" for the audience's attention at the final match for the Football World Cup, this evening the hall of the Burgas State Opera House was filled to the brim with ecstatic admirers of the ballet art of the performance The Nutcracker.
The magic of the performance of Tchaikovsky's immortal music once again captivated a large audience, among which many foreigners were also noticed - with artistic scope, captivating vision, and performance skills. One of the most beautiful productions of the Burgas Opera - "The Nutcracker" carries the high class, aesthetic perfection, and recognizable author's handwriting of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov.
All the artists from the ballet troupe of the Burgas Opera, as well as the young talents from NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" in Burgas and Ballet Theater "Kapka" Kapka Rogleva performed on stage for the responsive and appreciative audience with thunderous applause.
The fairy-tale story of Masha and the Nutcracker, who undergoes a miraculous metamorphosis in the girl's dream and turns into a Prince, was presented - with mood, finesse, and professionalism, by the soloists of the Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova ballet troupe, Daniela Turtumanova, and Teodor Tsakov.
After her strong debut on the Sliven stage on December 15, in the image of the Black Queen, a real whirlwind of the evening was Emona Georgieva, soloist of the ballet.
Svetlan Nikolov entered the image of the magician Drosselmeier, who through his magic cape reveals to the attendees of the Christmas celebration dancers presenting exotic dances of various nationalities.
In the role of Fritz - once again in the production, was the young talented ballerina Alexandra Raeva from the Children's Ballet Theater "Kapka".
Masha's friends were the charming Iva Kavrkova Iva Kavrkova and Ilina Konstantinova Ilina Konstantinova.
In the role of Masha's mother was Elena Georgieva - distinguished by style and aristocracy.
The attractive ensembles included "Spanish Dance" - Natalie Ivanova, Natalie Ivanova, and Kiril Filipov, "Indian Dance" - Gergana Georgieva, Bianca-Helen Giovannelli, Bianca Helen Giovannelli, and Stoyan Fartunov, "Chinese Dance" - Ivana Fialkovska Ivana Milanova Fialkovska and Kiril Filipov, "Russian Dance" – Kalina Nedelcheva Kalina Nedelcheva, Maria Gabarova Maria Gabarova, Elizabeth Dimova and Stefan Tipikov Stefan Tipikov.
In the spectacular ensemble of "Snowflakes", which complemented the scene with enchanting beauty, danced: Natalie Ivanova, Ilina Konstantinova, Elena Georgieva, Maria Gabarova, Bianca-Helen Giovanelli, Patricia Soares, Kalina Nedelcheva, Ivana Fialkovska, Elizabeth Dimova, Sabina Koseva Sabina Koseva.
In the aristocratic "Pink Waltz" performed: Natalie Ivanova, Iva Kavrkova, Ivana Fialkovska, Gergana Georgieva, Stefan Tipikov, Kiril Filipov, Nayden Naydenov, Stoyan Furtunov. Maria Gabarova, Violeta Goranova, Bianca-Helen Giovanelli, Patricia Soares, Kalina Nedelcheva, Sabina Koseva.
In the roles of parents: Bianka-Helen Giovanelli, Ivana Fialkovska, Maria Gabarova, Gergana Georgieva, Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov, Stoyan Furtunov, Daniel Dimitrov Daniel Georgi Dimitrov.
The "black forces" on stage were: Kiril Filipov, Stefan Tipikov, Stoyan Furtunov, and Daniel Dimitrov. The maid was the young ballerina Violeta Goranova, a student at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas.
The magnificent costumes of the entire ballet troupe, perfected to the last detail and sustained in the single conceptual line of the production, as well as the stunning sets and the original layout of the stage, secured technically perfectly - through the lighting and special effects, cannot go unnoticed.
All the "behind-the-scenes" professionals - Petar Tiholov, assistant director of the production, the specialists from the technical services - wardrobe, lighting, sound engineers, stage workers / Dimitar Peshev/ must also be thanked for creating the overall wonderful impression of the performance.
Today in the Opera House, an elegant combination of finesse, and a masterful recreation of the famous fairy-tale plot was created - a smooth flow of episodes, united by the conceptual thread of the director's plan, realized skilfully and on a grand scale.

At the end of the successful performance in front of a full hall, after the bows and well-deserved applause, the traditional colorful greeting was presented on behalf of the mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, as well as by admirers of Daniela Turtumanova.
There were flowers for the soloists and from ballet fans - both young and old.
An address to all participants in the performance was also read - Galina Kalcheva Galina Kalcheva, tutor of the ballet ensemble of the Burgas Opera:
"For the hard work, high professionalism, and successful performances of the ballet troupe - with gratitude!"
The touching words of thanks from the longtime prima ballerina were accompanied by a beautiful gift basket from her for the artists.