19 july 2021 Amazing Cast And a Rainbow of Emotions of "La Traviata" Guest soloist Vesna Djurkovic from Serbia made a great debut as Violeta Valeri

The hot Saturday of July, filled with a number of cultural events - film festival, jazz weekend, etc., met the expectations of the large audience at the Summer Theater tonight - the performance of Verdi's masterpiece "La Traviata" - with a first-class international soloist, conductor of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, great-sounding orchestra, and choir and dynamic, eye-catching ballet, was wonderful!
Exquisite style, allegorical elements, woven into the direction of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev and the scenography of Catalin Arbore / Romania /, mirroring the deep essence of the characters, each of them - marked by dramatic complexity and diversity of expectations and their tragic, dramaturgical lining of the images, dynamic action, smoothly flowing elements of the performance, arranging the puzzle of the overall emotion that remains - in the memory of the aesthetic experience.
The guest soloist from Serbia, Vesna Djurkovic, made a memorable debut in one of the most difficult soprano parts - the role of the charming courtesan Violeta Valeri, who is captivated by the tender trap of true love!
Young, beautiful, refined, radiating fragility and at the same time inner strength, shining in the dramatic construction of the role, precisely following the logic of dynamics, giving the overtones of the party and the emotional impact of contact with the tragic image - and undeniable stage charm - all that makes an opera a truly influential singer, she was in the debut role of Vesna Djurkovic! In addition - bursting modesty and intelligent presence, which the audience felt and appreciated.
All the soloists involved in telling the sad tale of doomed love were also magnificent: the baritone with a world career Krum Galabov in the role of Georges Germont - technically flawless and emotionally convincing, the Tenor Daniel Damyanov - traditionally stable, artistic, and giving the most essential image of Alfred Germont on stage. With well-deserved admiration for his strong artistic presence and professionalism
The soloists were also awarded: Joanna Kadiyska, mezzo-soprano, in the image of Flora Bervois, bass Kostadin Mechkov - Baron Dufol, baritone Branimir Nedkov - Marquis d'Aubini, Stefka Hristozova, soprano - Anina, tenor Milen Dinolov, Viscount Gaston Panchev - Dr. Grenville, Miroslav Dimitrov, tenor - Joseph and Ivan Grozev - Servant of Flora, as well as the wonderful artistic groups of the orchestra, choir, and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas.
Maestro Ivan Kozhuharov was visibly pleased at the end of the performance - this fact is a sufficient attestation for high quality.
The impeccable technical support of "La Traviata" on the open stage of the Summer Theater cannot be ignored.
At the end of the opera performance - another from the program of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2021, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas