19 april 2022 Pinocchio Delighted Over 300 Students In Pomorie

Over 300 students from Sofia University "Ivan Vazov" - Pomorie followed the magical history of Pinocchio - in the enticing - as always, the performance of Branimir Nedkov, Father Carlo / Pocket / - Peter Tiholov Petar Tiholov, Stefka Hristozova - The Blue Fairy, Magdalena Georgieva Magi Wall - Lisana, Miroslav Dimitrov - Kotaran, Uncle Monti, Doctor, and Judge - Diman Panchev Diman Panchev, Milen Dinolov Milen Dinolov - Harlequin, Vessela Apostolova - Pulcinella, Ivan Grozev Ivan Grozev - Carabinieri, Alexander Perperiev - Bartender.
The performance in the National Chitalishte "Prosveta 1888" - Pomorie has become a real artistic holiday - for the students and teachers present, and for the performers.
The children followed the fascinating thread of the plot, the wonderful music of Alexander Yossifov, directing, scenography, costumes, and sculpture - Denis Ivanov, not only with interest and attention but also with a proper attitude to the work of artists and their stage performance.
Congratulations to the headteacher of Sofia University "Ivan Vazov" Hristina Zelyamova, who is responsible for the organized visit of hundreds of students who were impressed with their upbringing and behavior at a cultural event. Congratulations also go to Diana Barkacheva, organizer of the Burgas State Opera, who said after the performance: "It was a great performance! Crowded hall - the teachers were sitting on the aisles in the hall.
Amazing children - very obedient! Many applause, they took pictures with the artists! We were extremely pleased - both us and them! "

April 19, 2022, 12.00, PROSVETA 1888 Community Center - POMORIE
Conductor - Tsanislav PETKOV
Directing, scenography, costumes, and sculpture - Denis IVANOV
Pom. - directors - Lina PEEVA, Petar TIHOLOV