27 november 2019 Premiere Of The Concert Performance Can Not Do Without Love

State Opera - Burgas has prepared an exciting concert performance entitled "Wе Can Not Do Without Love", which will bring a romantic nostalgic note in the cold autumn days. The eternal songs of Elton John, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Bubble, Quinn, Aerosmith and other beloved motives that have become musical legends will be fulfilled - with respect to the musical origin and original authorial approach to interpretation, from the charm of interpretation and the talented Nencho Balabanov and Sonia Kovchezlieva.

   The beloved stage tandem, known for its joint appearance in Romantic Comedy, will delight the audience with its captivating humorous charge and musical score. Nencho Balabanov has just come out of his cover art - as the image of Kuker on the TV show "The Masked Singer". In their new project, which is subdued by the worship of love - reviving the senses and reviving the essence, they will provide you with an exciting up-to-date meeting of golden-beloved audiences around the world, topped with fun situations and magnificent solo performances by Nencho Balabanov. The concert performance will alternate with nostalgic moods and exalted states of mind, characteristic of the metamorphoses of love - dreamed, denied, expected, desired, intimate.

   The charming soloists of the original concert will be accompanied by a performance of the State Opera - Bourgas Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Levon Manukyan. The young conductor has an affinity for high-quality musical performances, backed by romance and creating a strong, memorable emotion. The idea and script of "Wе Can Not Do Without Love" are by Yulia Manukyan, the arrangements presenting favorite songs in a new original look are the work of conductor Levon Manukyan, who has serious professional experience in creating such exciting performances of hit musical motifs in a new author's read. The band consists of Daniel Zhelev - drums, Hristo Neichev - guitar, Ivo Dukov - piano.

   Need a good mood with guaranteed quality, sensory loading, and a sip of romance? Have them - with the new concert performance of the State Opera - Burgas "Wе Can Not Do Without Love".