17 december 2023 Santa Claus Delighted Hundreds Of Children At The Opera House

The most exciting time of the year for all children has arrived!
By tradition, the State Opera - Burgas this year had prepared a memorable experience before Christmas - the TREE IN THE OPERA celebration.
On Sunday morning, the children and their parents watched the fabulous extravaganza of the ballet "Thumbelina" directed by Maria Tabakova, after which the most exciting moment came - the meeting of the kind white-bearded old man who brought them the long-awaited gifts - on the stage of the Burgas State Opera, decorated with a big Christmas tree.

And this year, the Burgas Opera gave unforgettable festive emotions to all the children in the packed hall. Certainly, such moments remain in the mind of every child - as a festive spark that will warm them even when they grow up so that they do not lose hope that miracles exist and offer their children moments of encounter with the beauty of art.

Despite the full hall - with children, even at a very young age, as well as with their accompanying parents, everyone followed the performance of "Thumbelina" with interest and in silence appropriate for such an event, with the only exception being the spontaneous applause during the wonderful performance presented again with exceptional finesse and professionalism.

And after the final ovations - on the big screen, Santa's reindeer appeared on the stage, in the hall the beautiful Snow White greeted the children, and after her, of course, Santa Claus himself was welcomed as a dear guest!

There were many gifts for all the children who filled the Opera hall, there was a long queue to receive them, but each of them was happy with their gift and the photo as a memory of the Good Old Man.

The presents were loaded onto a large sleigh, as was fitting, and all but one found their lucky recipients, and the fairy creatures from "Thinker" assisted Snow White and Santa Claus in their distribution.

December 17, 2022, 11:00 a.m., hall of the Burgas State Opera

???? Numerous photos captured the moments of festive joy and warmth for both children and parents until next Christmas... when the magic will happen again!

⏰December 17, 2023, 11:00 a.m., State Opera Hall - Burgas
Adaptation, choreography, direction - Maria Tabakova
Music – Edvard Grieg, Oleg Khodosko and musical collages
Costume designer - Natalie Markova
Multimedia - Nikola Peshev
Assistant director - Petar Tiholov
Makeup and wigs - Kalina Popova
Fingerstick - Nanako Sato /Japan/ 
Prince Elf - Francesco Russo /Italy/ 
Fairy - Ilina Konstantinova 
Mother – Laia Ramon 
Mother Frog - Aleksandrina Arabska 
Sons of frogs - Daniel Dimitrov and Kircho Zhelyazkov
Beetle - Daniel Tichkov 
Mishka - Kalina Nedelcheva 
Mole - Daniel Tichkov
Three fairies - Gergana Kozarova, Kalina Nedelcheva, Alexandrina Arabska
Butterflies - Kalina Nedelcheva and Gergana Kozarova

Photos: State Opera - Burgas