22 july 2022 Shaking Emotions With "Turandot" In The Open-Air Theater

A feast for the senses tonight with the performance of TURANDOT in the Burgas Summer Theater - Official page!
First-class conductor, soloists, orchestra, choirs, and ballet!
Respect for the impressive vocal-artistic mastery of the prima of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Gabriela Georgieva, soloist of the National Cultural Institute Kostadin Andreev, Joana Zhelezcheva, Delyan Slavov, Alexander Krunev, Yani Nikolov /debut/, Milen Dinolov /debut/, Miroslav Dimitrov, Lyubomir Todorov!
Puccini's masterpiece once again raised the degrees of the spirit to the height of reaching the highest dimensions of art - reviving, creative, healing, and constructive.
Friday evening, July 22nd, under the skillful baton of maestro Grigor Palikarov, turned into a celebration of classical music.
The magnificent soloists, the orchestra, choir, ballet of the Burgas State Opera, and the young singers from the "Milka Stoeva" Children's Choir told - through sound, verse, dynamics, colors, and a philosophical depth was woven into all the stage components, a fabulous story.
An epic canvas with multidimensional impact unfolded in front of numerous audiences in the theater in Primorsky Park.
The thread of the legend about the ruler of the Forbidden City in Beijing - Princess Turandot, known for her indomitable cruelty caused by traumas in her karmic path, about the courage of Prince Calaf, who managed to find a key to her heart, about the self-sacrificing power of Liu was traced, about the Tatar king in exile - the blind sage Timur, about the courtiers' Ping, Pang, Pong, introducing the audience to the fairy tale plot, and the ruler of China - Emperor Altum.
The familiar story of the infamous three riddles that lead to either the death of the heart of Turandot has always evoked an explainable phenomenon - as it contains the deep contemplation of dualistic human nature and the driving force of love, which is the answer to all earthly questions - as Yin and Yang in the manifestation of our essence.
And tonight, the experience at the Summer Theater was extraordinary - simultaneously containing the eastern brevity of speech and apparent coldness, and at the same time - carrying a latent charge of sweeping emotional power.
As maestro Palikarov emphasized in an interview about the performance of "Turandot" on BNR Burgas, that is why the art of opera is great and eternal - because every performance bears the seal of exclusivity, every performance is unique - as a combination of voices, harmonizing the choral parts with the orchestral accompaniment, as well as bringing original elements into scenography, costumes, choreography.


The impressive soprano Gabriela Georgieva once again proved her class, building respectably - both in terms of vocal technique and capabilities, and as artistry - the controversial image of the cruel princess Turandot, who undergoes a fateful metamorphosis, transformed by the power of true love. The tenor Kostadin Andreev, who has more than once proven his high class on the Burgas stage - with fervor, impressive power, and the range of his voice, was magnificently included in the thread of the lush fairy tale. In the overall impressive picture of "Turandot", as an inseparable part of the construction of the performance, there was also the wonderful dramatic soprano Yoana Zhelezcheva, who sculpted the tragic image of Liu with extreme tenderness and strength at the same time - in the nuances of her voice, those present felt the spiritual power of self-sacrifice in the name of love, recreated convincingly. The dignified image of the blind Tatar king in exile Timur was magnificently built by the bass Delyan Slavov - with emotional amplitudes and impactful timbre, acquiring the parameters of a mysterious conjuration. The narrators of the fabulous story happening behind the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing - Ping, Pang, and Pong, in the wonderful interpretation of the baritone Alexander Krunev and the tenors Yani Nikolov and Milen Dinolov /debut roles for both/, were also part of the colorful puzzle with oriental flavor to the presented exciting plot thread. The tenor Miroslav Dimitrov was also convincing - in the image of the Emperor of China Altum.

And tonight, another unique opera festival was created.
Admirations to all "involved" in the spiritual adventure:
maestro Palikarov  - the unifier of the creative energy of soloists, orchestra players - with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, choristers, ballet dancers - with troupe leader - Galina Kalcheva and performance tutor - Aneliya Ivanova, for the conductor of the choir - Nevena Mihaylova . musicianship, taste, and class.
The performance of "Turandot" was another event within the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakerov" 2022, realized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas.
At the end of the performance, which turned into a celebration, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas