06 july 2020 The soloists of the Burgas Opera created a wonderful retro mood

On Friday night / July 3 / Flora Exhibition Center was on a retro wave. In the concert of the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas sounded popular melodies from the recent past, united by the idea of ​​romantic emotionality. The event was part of the program of the thematic "Retro" weekend, organized by the Municipality of Burgas

On Friday night in the garden of "Flora" the audience was served - with finesse and style, unforgettable hits that have become classics.
The program of the concert included both emblematic songs of Frank Sinatra and compositions by Gershwin, as well as French chansons, Italian canzonets, favorite melodies that evoke warm memories, or promise new ones ...
Exciting emotions in the audience aroused with their beautiful performances: sopranos Lyudmila Mihaiyova, Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, and Nona Krasnikova, mezzo-soprano Joana Kadiyska, tenor Yani Nikolov, baritones. Branimir Nedkov, Yordan Hristozov, and the bass Diman Panchev. The emotional finale of the concert "Retro" soloists of the State Opera - Burgas was the joint performance of the soloists of "Alabama" by Kurt Weil.
Vessela Apostolova, Vanina Dimitrova, Kalina Popova, and Stefka Hristozova also took part in the retro program, bringing a playful note and elements of a show, completely in the style of the thematic evening.
Correspondence of musical choice, styling, stage presence, a great charge of emotion was in the retro evening, created by the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas, who managed to unleash not only their talent and interpretive skills, but for the first time was in such a role, aside from classical music. A brilliant partner of the singers was the pianist Daria Krasteva, who not only technically but also emotionally impressed the soloists tonight.


Retro concert, July 3, 2020, Flora Exhibition Center

The soloists of the State Opera - Burgas with short announcements for their performances:


"Tell me about love" was written and dedicated to the woman by the composer Cesare Bixio in the distant 1932 - performed by Yani Nikolov
“I chose this love monologue, the sound of which brings the forgotten romance and tenderness of Italy! They say that whoever sings it once - never breaks up with her! "- said the singer.


"Speak Quieter" - Nina Rota, performed by Branimir Nedkov
"Speak more quietly and no one will hear you, our love is only between us, no one knows the truth, not even the heavens that look at us. We will stay together, my love, forever. Speak more gently and come closer to me. I want to feel your eyes in me, no one knows the truth. This is the greatest love that can exist. "


"Kiss me a lot" - Consuelo Velazquez, performed by Diman Panchev.

"The Man I Love" - ​​George Gershwin, performed by Joanna Kadiyska
"One day the man I love will come. And he will be big and strong - the man I love. And when I meet him, I will do my best to keep him. "


"Tears in Paradise" - Eric Clapton and Will Jennings, performed by Yordan Hristozov
"Will you know my name if I see you in Heaven?" Will it be the same? I have to be strong and keep going because I know I don't belong in Heaven. Will you hold my hand if I see you in Heaven? Will you help me stand up? I find my way night and day because I know I can't stay here in Heaven.


"Over the Rainbow" - Harold Arlen from the musical "The Wizard of Oz", performed by Lyudmila Mihaylova.
When a person is going through difficult times or is at the limit of his strength, most of all he needs magic. Dorothy's song from The Wizard of Oz by Arlen brings back memories of childhood, from which everyone draws strength. And the illusion of the magical side, in which "every cursed anger melts like fruit ice cream," he wings me! "Come with me under the rainbow, where the road shines, there is the wonderful side of my childhood dreams!"


 "Summer Time" - George Gershwin from the opera "Porgy and Bess", performed by Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova

"Strangers in the Night" - Ivo Robic and Bert Kemfert, performed by Diman Panchev
"I sing about the moment when, under the lights of the night, in the glow of the gloss of the polished world, we find together the only look that can unite us forever. I sing about the moment when, despite everything, even if I kiss you, over and over again, you leave forever, even after one last, unforgettable night. I sing for each of you who was lucky enough to know this moment.


"Funeral Blues" - Benjamin Britton, performed by Nona Krasnikova
"Stop the clocks, cut the phone, stop the dog from barking, mute the piano, bring the coffin with a drum and release the mourners. Let the planes go around in a circle above our heads and write in the sky: "He is dead" .... he was my north, south, east and west, my work week and my rest, my afternoon, my evening. I thought love would last forever, but I was wrong. The stars are no longer needed - turn them off. Wrap the moon and stop the sun. Pour the ocean and cut down the forests. Nothing makes sense anymore.


 "Johnny" - Benjamin Britton, performed by Nona Krasnikova
"In the valley, John and I were walking along the river in the summer. The grass beneath our feet and the stars above us whispered love. I tilted my head on his shoulder, "Johnny, let's play?"

And he frowned like a storm and left.

I still remember Christmas when we went to the ball, the floor was so smooth and the orchestra so strong, Johnny so beautiful, I felt proud. "Press me harder, Johnny, let's dance!" And he frowned like a storm and left.

I will never forget the opera, when the music flooded us, pearls and diamonds ... "Oh, Johnny, I'm in heaven" - I whispered to stay. And he frowned like a storm and left.

"It's Hot" - Cole Porter from the musical "Kiss Me, Kate", performed by Yordan Hristozov

"Art Calls Me" - Victor Herbert, from the operetta "The Enchantress", performed by Ioana Kadiyska
"Mom is a queen and Dad is a king, I'm a princess - I know that. I hate yard etiquette and show it. I sing on stage, there is only one life for me. My figure is like Terracini's, I know I will become famous when I sing "Bohemia" by Mr. Puccini "I long to be a diva, to shine on stage"


 "Bianca" - Cole Porter, from the musical "Kiss me, Kate", performed by: Branimir Nedkov, Vanina Dimitrova Vessela Apostolova and Stefka Hristozova

 "Sarabaya Johnny" - Kurt Weil, from the musical "The Happy End", performed by Nona Krasnikova
"I was exactly 16 years old when he came from Burma, he said I could travel with you. I asked you what you do and I still remember what you answered - something on the train, nothing to do with the sea. He said many things, Johnny, he kept lying. So I hate you as you sit and smile: Take the damn cigar out of your mouth.

In the beginning, every day was a holiday, but after two weeks, everything I did irritated you. And one day he awoke to the roar of the sea and left without a word with the ship waiting on the pier. You don't have a heart, Johnny, how could you leave me like that. You wanted everything, I gave you more, Johnny. I still love you!"

 "I Don't Love You" - Kurt Weil, performed by Joanna Kadiyska
"Take your hand away, I don't love you, as you asked, we're just friends. Your hug is for others, your sweet kisses. Don't talk to me in a low voice in the evening because it's too intimate. Don't give me your handkerchief, it smells too much of love. Tell me about your loves - I don't love you. Tell us about your most intoxicating moments. She loves you well or was ungrateful, but when you tell me, don't be charming.
I didn't cry, I didn't suffer, it was a dream - something like madness. It is enough to see your clear eyes, in which there is no regret or melancholy.
It is enough to see the happy smile, how it stole your heart - say. And most of all, say what should not be said.
No, shut up ... I'm on my knees. The fire went out, the door is closed, don't ask me anything, I'm crying that's all.
I don't love you loved ones. "

 "Paths of Love" - ​​Francis Poulenc, performed by Maria Madjarova
"I am the daughter of a movie buff and music lover. My childhood was spent with Mahalia Jackson, Ella, Louis Armstrong ... I don't think there is anyone who has watched Chaplin's films as much as I have. I knew them by heart. Don't laugh, I know they are dumb, but I could imitate all the facial expressions of the actresses - the ballerina, the blind flower seller, the insolent gold digger ... My favorite was the monologue from "The Great Dictator". For me, it became a mantra and in moments of sadness I say to myself, "Hannah, can you hear me? Wherever you are, look, Hannah. The clouds are breaking! The sun is rising! We are coming out of the darkness and entering the light. We are entering a new world - there are people who will rise above their hatred, greed, and cruelty. Look, Hannah! The wings of the human soul sprouted and it finally flew. It flew to the rainbow, in the light of hope and the glorious future that belongs to you, me, and all of us. Look, Hannah ... look! " What I will perform at our retro concert brings the same emotion to me as Charlie Chaplin. Both Poulenc's film and music were written in 1940. I want the audience to feel that sadness through a smile, which is ingenious! ”- shared the singer.

"The paths lead to the sea, from them we feel the breath of flowers and the echo of our laughter.
There is no mention of these days, alas. Can I find joy in my heart again?
Paths of love - I look for you incessantly.
The paths of despair, of remembrance, of our first day, divine paths of love. If one day you have to forget I want to remember my heart one thing more alive than the other love. To remember the way when trembling, I felt your passionate hands on me.

 "Yukali" - Kurt Weil, performed by: Joanna Kadiyska, Maria Madjarova, Nona Krastnikova
"Yukali and the land of our dreams, of pleasure and enjoyment, but it is only a dream, a madness, this country does not exist"

18. "Alabama song" - Kurt Weil "Fall and rise of the city of Mahogany