30 july 2021 Spectacular Festival "Opera Of The Sanctuary" In Begliktash

The upcoming focus of the program of the State Opera - Burgas, in partnership with the Municipality of Primorsko, is the three-day festival "Opera of the Sanctuary". Among the natural decor of the Thracian sacred place Begliktash will be presented some of the emblematic opera titles: Verdi's "Nabucco" / August 6 / and "Troubadour" / August 7 / and the white masterpiece of Vincenzo Bellini "Norma" / August 8 /. The start of the festival, which was supposed to take place last year, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic, was postponed to 2021, was set on August 10, 2019, when "Norma" was presented with great success - tickets for the opera were sold far before the date of the show, and the significant cultural event was covered in national and regional media.
On August 6, 7 and 8, this year, for music lovers and admirers of historical relics, will be presented "Nabucco", "Troubadour" and "Norma", adapted by the director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev for the specifics of natural conditions in the Bulgarian Stonehenge - the ancient Thracian settlement "Begliktash" near Primorsko. The original and impressive choice of stage is not accidental - the famous monolithic stone complex contains historical references to the world of the Druids, recreated in the dramatic plot of the lyrical tragedy in two acts "Norma" and impresses the plot and the other two opera titles. The production is a unique chance to meet the mystical symbolism of the sacred place, combined with the artistic suggestions of the operas.
Under the baton of the guest conductor maestro Ivaylo Krinchev, the exciting unusual meeting with the characters of Verdi and Bellini will take place on the open stage of Begliktash from 20.30 during the three festival evenings - on 6, 7 and 8 August. The director of the three impressive productions, adapted for the open stage of the sanctuary, is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev. Assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov. The conductor of the choir is Nevena Mihailova, the sculpture is the work of the longtime prima ballerina of the Burgas Opera - Galina Kalcheva. The prompter of the festival productions is Dora Fartunova, the subtitles are the work of Srebrina Slavova.
Verdi's opera "Nabucco" will be presented on the first evening of the festival / August 6, 8.30 pm / in the picturesque space under the stars, in the cultural and historical space of the ancient Thracian sanctuary, full of mysticism and magnetism. The costumes are the work of Chavdar Chomakov, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev. The dramatic title, representing the difficult fate of the ancient Jews exiled to Babylon and Jerusalem by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, will be: baritone Marian Jovanoski - as Nabucco, in the role of Ishmael - tenor Valery Georgiev - guest, Zacharias - Delyan Slavov . Abigail - soprano Joanna Zhelezcheva, mezzo-soprano Joanna Kadiyska debuted in the role of Fenena. The image of the High Priest includes the bass Kostadin Mechkov, Abdalo will be - Milen Dinolov, tenor, in the role of Anna - the soprano Lyudmila Mihailova. The large-scale production is with the participation of the orchestra and people of the Burgas Opera.
On the next day of the festival - August 7, also from 20.30, will be presented another favorite opera title - "Troubadour" by Giuseppe Verdi. Concertmaster is Vanya Zlateva, the costumes are the work of Ivan Savov. The role of Manrico is played by the soloist of the Varna Opera Valery Georgiev, tenor. As Leonora, the audience will see the soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, who made a brilliant debut in the role of the Summer Theater - Burgas during last year's Burgas Musical Festival "Emil Chakarov", when she was in an unforgettable stage partnership with the inexorable world tenor Kamen Chanev. Baritone Alexander Krunev, for whom the role is crowning, appears as Count Di Luna on the open stage in Begliktash. The mezzo-soprano with deep dramatic nuances of voice and beautiful timbre Daniela Dyakova enters the image of the gypsy with a dramatic-tragic destiny Azuchena. Ferando will be the bass Kostadin Mechkov, Ines, Leonora's friend - the mezzo-soprano Lina Peeva, Ruitz will be the tenor Lyubomir Todorov, Old Gypsy - Nikolay Nikolov, Vestitel - Milen Dinolov. The artistic groups of the orchestra, choir and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas take part in the production.
On the third evening of the Sanctuary Opera Festival 2021 - August 8, the opera by Vincenzo Bellini "Norma" will be presented. The role of the main priestess of the Druids will be played by the brilliant soprano with numerous performances on the national and world opera stage - Joana Zhelezcheva, and the emblematic aria "Casta Diva", which is recognized as perhaps the most beautiful and exquisite opera aria in the history of classical musical art, will be a kind of emotional and aesthetic accent of the impressive opera spectacle of "Norma" on the last night of the festival. The rival for the heart of Polione, Roman proconsul in Gaul - Adalgiza, will be the brilliant mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova. The tenor of the State Opera - Varna Valeriy Georgiev is again a guest in the role of Poleone.

The image of the dignified Oroveso, the leader of the Order of the Druids and the father of Norma, will be played by the charismatic bass Delyan Slavov. As Clotilde, a friend of Norma, the mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova made her debut, in the role of Polione's entourage - Flavio is the tenor Lyubomir Todorov. Concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev.
The performance of "Norma" will be with the participation of the orchestra, choir, and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas.