07 february 2024 Success Of "Madame Butterfly" In Razgrad

Tonight, the audience at the Municipal Cultural Center - Razgrad had the privilege of experiencing the excitement caused by the wonderful performance of the soloists, orchestra, and choir of the Burgas State Opera, under the baton of the famous conductor Ivan Kozhuharov, with Puccini's opera masterpiece MADAM BUTTERFLY IN RAZGRAD / MADAMA BUTTERFLY - DEGRADATION
 Admirations for everyone - for the professionalism, the authentic emotion from the tragic story experienced on stage!

Congratulations to the soprano Nona Krastnikova - in the image of Cho-Cho-San, Andreana Nikolova /guest/ - as Suzuki, for the wonderful debut of Andreya Mirchev in the role of Pinkerton, Valeri Turmanov - Sharpless, as well as to all the soloists who gave their best on the stage, musicians, choir, as well as the specialists from the technical services, who ensured the provision of the large-scale performance with a complex constructive set on the wonderful stage of the Municipal Cultural Center, where in November 2023 another performance of the Burgas Opera - the ballet "Swan Lake", deserved the applause of the intelligent Razgrad audience.
 There is a performance of MADAM BUTTERFLY in SHUMEN/ MADAMA BUTTERFLY - SHUMEN - on February 13.
 About the performance and performers:
 Photos: Diana Berkacheva, organizer at the State Opera - Burgas

February 7, 2024, 7:00 p.m., Municipal Cultural Center – Razgrad

Conductor - Ivan Kozhuharov
Director - Alexander Tekeliev Alexander Tekeliev
Scenography – Boris Stoinov
Costume designer – Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova
Choir conductor - Alexander Chepanov Alexander Chepanov
Concertmaster - Hristo Belchev
Assistant director - Petar Tiholov
Makeup and wigs - Kalina Popova
Prompter - Dora Furtunova Dora Furtunova
Subtitles - Srebrina Slavova
Cho-Cho-San (Madame Butterfly) - Nona Krastnikova Nona Krastnikova
Pinkerton – Andrei Mirchev Andrei Mirchev
Sharpless - Valeri Turmanov Valeri Turmanov
Suzuki – ANDREANA NIKOlova Andreana Nikolova
Kate Pinkerton – Kalina Popova Kalina Popova
Goro - Yani Nikolov Yani Nikolov
Prince Yamadori - Lyubomir Todorov Lyubomir Todorov
Uncle Bonzo - Kostadin Mechkov
Imperial Commissioner - Ivan Grozev Ivan Grozev
Notary - Ivan Grozev
Cho-Cho-San's mother – Blagovesta Beleva
Cho-Cho-San's cousin – Stefka Hristozova Stefka Hristozova
Orchestra and choir of the State Opera - Burgas