17 august 2022 Successful Concert Of "Cinema In Notes" In Yambol

The next concert performance on tour of the new musical-scenic project "Ennio Morricone - the cinema in notes" was in the beautiful southern city of Yambol this evening, August 17th.
After the emotional premiere of the concert performance under the baton of maestro Levon Manukyan Conductor - on June 21st of this year on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas, successful concerts with a large audience followed - on the island of "St. Anastasia", Gorna Oryahovitsa, Tsarevo and Pomorie.
On the open stage of Summer Cinema Yambol tonight, the exciting combination of beautiful music, touching the senses and bringing back warm memories, multimedia, which, together with the fascinating screenplay, is the work of Julia Manukian, led the audience into the incomparable world of the film music of the legendary Ennio Morricone .
The charming soloist Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, captivating with talent, presence and attitude towards the audience, the wonderful orchestra players of the Burgas State Opera, with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, led by the emotional and inspiring baton of Maestro Manukyan, presented a beautifully selected program with music from the films:

Once Upon a Time in America, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Mission, The Hateful Eight, Cinema Paradiso, The Untouchables, The Sicilian Clan, The Professional, Octopus, Malena , "Al Capone" and others.
The reaction of the audience, who followed the performances with excitement and sent the conductor, the soloist and the musicians to their feet, was the most valuable recognition of their mastery and of the qualities of the musical-scenic project.
The warm August evening in Yambol Park was in sync with the warm feeling and emotions evoked by Morricone's music, which continues to have an incomparable impact.
The successful national tour of "Morricone - the cinema in notes" continues tomorrow, August 18, on the open stage of the "Tuida" fortress in the city of Sliven.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas