18 may 2021 After the Successful Debut, "Giselle" Delights Ballet Fans Today

After the long-awaited premiere on April 24 this year, the beautiful large-scale production of the State Opera - Burgas "Giselle" to the music of Adolf Adam will delight fans of ballet again - today, May 18 at 19:00 in the hall of Burgas Opera.

In one breath - in admiration for Art, professionalism, and dedication to the cause, the artists of the premiere performance were merged, each of which was an integral part of the fabulous story of the ballet "Giselle", told through music, gestures, graceful movements, combining perfect drawing and emotional padding.

Magnificent staging work and directing is by Galina Kalcheva, who led to the final chords and bows of "Giselle" the troupe of the ballet troupe at the State Opera - Burgas throughout the long and complex process of building the production, making the details and crystallizing the overall look of the show, which after a year of delay, due to objective reasons, finally came to life on stage.

Beautiful, radiating class, spontaneity, artistry, finesse, and spirituality are the soloists in the ballet performance: endowed with unadulterated beauty, naturalness, innocence and at the same time - with inner strength, prima ballerina Ivanina Ivanova, who made a memorable debut as Giselle, comes on stage on May 18th. The Prime Minister-ballet dancer Emil Yordanov is in the role of Albert - stable, charismatic, magnetic, Polina Ivanova - traditionally shining on the stage, she is influential and respectful, as the queen of the jeep Mirta. Kiril Filipov debuted in the role of Hans as a repulsed young man in love / Teodor Tsakov made a successful debut at the premiere performance /, his hero ruined his life in the name of love, although unshared ... Galina Kalcheva, who is director and director of "Giselle", as well as a tutor of the ballet ensemble. The audience will see Svetlan Nikolov as the Duke. Wilfred is Stefan Tipikov, Berta is Dobrina Bakhova. The large-scale performance also features: Daniel Tichkov / who performs pas de deux with Polina Ivanova, Yana Berduta, Daniela Turtumanova, Anelia Ivanova, Natalie Ivanova, Iva Ovcharova, Patricia Soares, Maria Gabarova, Ivana Fialsekova, Sabina Bianca-Helen Giovanelli, Eleonora Miteva, Nikol Marenova, Elizabeth Dimova, Elena Georgieva, Natalie Georgieva, Tsvetozara Lozeva, Gergana Georgieva, Teddy Dimitrova and others. Each of the artists on stage is an integral part of the overall emotional impact of "Giselle", which is considered one of the most romantic works in ballet. The ballet performance is also attended by artists from the ensemble of the ballet ensemble of the Burgas Opera, graduates of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”, Children's Ballet Theater“ Kapka ”and PFA“ Strandzha ”.

Each of the participants merges their heartbeat into a common cardiogram - a wonderful fairy-tale reality, told with feeling, precision, devotion, and love. The libretto of the ballet in two acts "Giselle" is by Theophile Gauthier and Vernois de Saint Georges, the choreography - by Jean Coralie, Jules Perrault, and Marius Petipa / edited by Leonid Lavrovsky /. The production and direction are by Galina Kalcheva, who is also a tutor of the ballet ensemble. The artist of the stunning decor is the famous Bulgarian master of the brush Ivan Tokadjiev, Anna-Maria Tokadjieva is an artist of exquisite costumes, assistant director of the production is Peter Tiholov. Admiration is also deserved by the wardrobes, under whose skillful fingers the artist's sketches came to life and acquired a complete stage look, the technical services, which ensured precise joining of all elements of the show, the specialists in sound, lighting, props, all who bring to a successful conclusion a long creative process.

Tickets for the performances of the State Opera - Burgas can be found at the box office of the Opera, at the box office "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /, as well as in the networks of Grabo and Eventim, as well as in the links to events in the program: https: / /operabourgas.com/bg/programme on the official website of the State Opera - Burgas.


According to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, those present at the concert must wear protective masks, and all necessary anti-epidemic measures will be taken in the hall. The admissible capacity of presence in the hall is 50%.