12 july 2021 On Sunday, the Open-Air Theater Witnessed a Memorable Concert

Video: Ivo Vartanian

Without a doubt - one of the musical events of the year in Burgas took place on the stage of the Summer Theater - Burgas on Sunday night!
In a day marked by diverse passions - electoral and football, art has proven to be above all - an attraction, messages, ability to ennoble, excite, purify and open the invisible doors of a world other than pragmatic parameters.
The symphony concert on July 11 was the final event of the Summer Academy of Arts. The event brought together world musicians and conductor - Alexander Zemtsov, radiating class, and spirituality, as well as young talents who made a serious request for a worthy presence - also on the world stage. Tangible - through all the senses, was the extremely high level of interpretation - of both soloists and the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas. One cannot fail to note the wonderful organization of the event, realized by the Burgas Opera, the Municipality of Burgas, and the Summer Academy of Arts. Inspirer and the main driver of the Academy of Arts - overflowing with ideas and energy Petya Velikova, thanked from the stage for the support of the Municipality of Burgas and the Director of the State Opera - Burgas - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev for support in the implementation of the wet cultural event. Another event from the calendar of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" will be remembered for a long time.
Prof. Georgi Spasov - flute, Hristina Stavreva - flute, Nikol Velinova - flute, Todor Ivanov - cello, Nikola Santamaria - clarinet, Italy, Atanas Krastev - cello, Joanna Kamenarska - violin, Konstantin Bashikov - piano, Victoria Vasi Redkin - piano, Russia, Isabel Markova - viola, Denitsa Lafchieva - clarinet, Ivan Udovichenko - viola, Ukraine, Mario Nikolov - tenor, Lora Markova - violin, Borislav Yotsov - clarinet built the architecture of a memorable musical evening.
The event was honored with the presence of Diana Savateva, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism and Sports, and Dimitar Madjarov, Director of the OP "Summer Theater, Festivals and Concerts", who congratulated the distinguished young participants at the Academy of Arts. During the whole concert - as a beautiful colorful addition to the stage, was the traditional flower basket on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera Burgas