23 june 2021 Swing And Jazz Will Sound On The St. Anastasia Island

The first musical event of the State Opera - Burgas on the island. "St. Anastasia", included in the program "Party on the Island" 2021, is a concert performance that combines the exquisite beauty of swing and jazz - on June 25, from 21.00, on the picturesque open stage by the sea on the island of Burgas. The premiere of the concert "Swing Classic", based on the idea and script of the prominent opera singers Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krasnikova, who performed jazz for the first time in Burgas, was a great success last summer - in the open space of the Expo Center "Flora". The general opinion, both of the general public and of those who understood the genre, was that the class was a class, despite the challenges of a style that was far removed from classical opera singing. The concert took place in the hall of the Burgas Opera, as it was the last event before the lockdown at the end of November 2020. The stage activity of the Burgas Cultural Institution was resumed in early February 2021, and about a month later new closure. The hopes of everyone connected with art, and not only, are that these difficult periods will remain only a painful memory and that there will be no more such extreme challenges - for theater directors, performers and audiences. That is why the State Opera - Burgas chose the swing concert, carrying vital messages and charging with the mood caused by the joys of life and sharing them with people close to understanding, to be the first in the series "Party on the island".
On Friday night, Burgas music lovers and guests of our seaside town, who have a flair for good music, will have the opportunity to hear compositions from the repertoire of colossi in jazz culture, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, and others. For the visitors of the concert, for whom the trip to the Island will be combined with an aesthetic experience, the wonderful soloists and the band have prepared a really exciting program. They will prove that quality musicians, with the serious preparation of the classical school, could perform practically everything, due to their remarkable professional background.
Swing is not just a musical trend, it is a style of thinking, a standard of behavior that radiates finesse, class, sensuality, and nostalgia for the romantic years of the last century. This is the main suggestion of the non-standard music project. Guests of the Island will have the opportunity to experience a harmony of emotions, a magnificently recreated touch to an exquisite aesthetic universe, marked by velvety sensitivity. The stylish soloists Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krastnikova skillfully weave emotions and messages into the filigree vocals, combined with an intelligent sense of humor. Mira Iskarova also has a strong professional presence behind the piano, in combination with the wonderful sound of the band - Rositsa Toncheva, double bass, Patrick Konov, trumpet, Kiro Ivanov, drums. 
In the swing evening on the island of St. Anastasia will sound the eternal nostalgic melodies, carrying the surreal and therapeutic beauty of a world preserved by the dynamics and anxieties of modernity:
"My man's gone now" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "The man I love", music - George Gershwin, "It Ain't Necessarily So" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "Summertime" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "It Never Was You", music - Kurt Weil, "I've Got Rhythm", music - George Gershwin "Lullaby Of Birthland ”, music - J. Schering, "September Song", music - Kurt Weil, "Unforgettable", music - Irving Gordon, "Someone To Watch Over Me", music - George Gershwin, "Moon River", music - Henry Mancini, "Sway", music - L. Demetrio, "Amadu Mio" - music by Doris Fischer and A. Roberts, "Libertango", music - A. Piazzolla, "Favorite Things" - music by R. Rodgers and others.

DEPARTURE FROM STORE 1 AT 20:00, TEL. 0884 025918, 0875343043, 056825772

* The management of the State Opera - Burgas reserves the right to make changes in the program.