26 may 2020 UMBAL Burgas with a thank you address to Alexander Tekeliev А total of 15,000 masks were provided by the cultural institution


On behalf of all colleagues working at the University Hospital - Burgas, we thank you and your staff at the State Opera - Burgas, for the help you provide us in overcoming the epidemic of COVID-19.

The reusable masks you sewed for our doctors and nurses are nearly 4,000. This is the largest number of the personal protective equipment of this kind that we have received during the state of emergency. This gesture is even more touching, given that the State Opera does not and has never had as its subject the activity of making protective clothing! But it turns out that when we are close and empathetic, when we want to help, all obstacles fall - the desire is enough!

Thank you, because your donation came just in time and solved problems that we would find difficult to solve with our own funds, in this difficult and difficult situation not only for hospitals but also for medical institutions around the world. To the whole team of the State Opera - Burgas, we wish - be healthy! We wish you creative inspiration and believe that soon the hall of the State Opera will once again be full of people eager to meet art!


Burgas, May 22, 2020

                                                                                                        With respect:

                                                                                                        Dr. Boyko Mirazchiiski,

                                                                                                        Executive Director of UMHAT Burgas