20 may 2020 Unexpected laughter with "Charlie's Aunt" - Thursday, 8:30 p.m.

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Musical by Oscar Feltsman
Based on the play of the same name by Thomas Brandon
Concertmaster - YORDAN KOVACHEV
Assistant director - DARINA GLAVANAKOVA
Premiere - September 8, 2015, Summer Theater - Burgas

Frankert Beberley (Bebz), unemployed actor - Marian BACHEV
Jack Chesney, son of Sir Francis - Branimir NEDKOV
Charlie Wakeham, a student, a friend of Jack - Jordan HRISTOZOV
Annie, Spetley's niece - Vesela APOSTOLOVA
Katie Veden, a graduate of Spetley - Lyudmila MIHAYLOVA

Dona Lucia, Charlie's rich aunt - Shmilena SULTANOVA
Ella Delhi, Donia Lucia's companion  - Darina ZAPRYANOVA
Stevens Spetley, lawyer - Peter TIHOLOV
Sir Francis Chesney, retired colonel - Vesselin SPASOV
Bryaset, footman of Jack Chesney - Miroslav DIMITROV
Costume designer - LILI KOSTADINOVA
With the participation of orchestra, choir, and ballet of the State Opera - Burgas
With the famous English humor, characterized by subtle irony, refined and dosed sarcasm and unconventionally presented sketch situations, verbal and situational puns, united by stage dynamics, the mood in graduation and a happy ending, the musical "Charlie's Aunt Laughing" will fill you with, unlimited and sincere.
Confusion, manipulation, insinuations, situations of absurdity, garnished with the magnificent acting presence and improvisational talent of the visiting comedian Marian Bachev, who "infects" the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas with his incredible sense of humor, recreated in every gesture, played scene, dance, and unite them in a common super-funny spectacle, making them equal partners in a common non-stop fun.
Oscar Feltsman's legendary musical "Charlie's Aunt" uses motifs from Thomas Brandon's English comedy of the same name as a libretto. The farce breaks all historical records for plays of this genre with 1466 performances and subsequent productions around the world. The famous line "I'm Charlie's aunt. From Brazil, where there are a lot of pineapples, bananas, lagoons, and monkeys!" it has long been a colloquial phrase in many countries.
For the culmination of the musical, the famous phrase "Hello, I'm your aunt" is preserved, always provoking ridiculous reactions and analogous to a situation characterized by the presence of a combinatorial personality, who accidentally falls into a place where it should not be, but takes advantage of the situation and causes a lot of comic moments and confusion. But, nevertheless, it is marked by undeniable charm and attracts sincere sympathy.
Be sure to recharge with the much-needed good mood - not only as a counterbalance to the stress accumulated in recent months, but also as a guarantee of smiles that will continue to return to consciousness - as a "swallowing pill", but not bitter, and extremely pleasant.

Short content
(by author)

Popular in the early twentieth century, the English eccentric comedy of actor and playwright Thomas Brandon served as the basis for several musicals and musical comedies in the United States and Britain. There are also a series of screenplays. In 1972, the Russian composer - author of songs and several (about a dozen) operettas Oscar Feltsman (born in 1921) created his musical "Hello, I'm your aunt!", Known in our country under the title "Charlie's Aunt".
The action takes place in 1910 in London.
De facto, the following happens: the unemployed and persecuted by the police, Franker Beberley, known as the Babes, accidentally falls into the home of the resigned colonel, Sir Francis Chesney. They are looking forward to the arrival of their rich relative - Dona Lucia de Salvadores from Brazil. Sir Francis hopes to marry her in order to remedy his critical financial situation. The two students, Jack, the son of Colonel Chesney, and Charlie Wakeham, hope the holiday will not fail because they have invited their loved ones, Annie and Katie, whom they want to marry. But the cherished aunt still doesn't arrive - she's lingering somewhere along the way. So the two young men ask Bebz to disguise himself as her and introduce himself as Dona Lucia.
From this, of course, follow a series of funny and amusing situations, at the center of which is the alleged "aunt", stubbornly courted not only by Sir Francis but also by his friend, lawyer Stevens Spatley, also a candidate for the hand of a wealthy Brazilian lady. However, the real Dona Lucia arrives, accompanied by her companion Ella Deli, and the confusion becomes even more unimaginable until finally, everything ends happily - the young people receive the cherished blessing from their guardians…


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