15 february 2021 On Valentine's Day - А Real Love Magic At The Opera Ioana Kadiyska, Valeri Turmanov and Mira Iskarova created an exquisite cocktail of words and music

Despite the cold snowy February evening of February 14, subject to two holidays - love and wine, or perhaps their symbolic combination, the hall of the Burgas Opera was set in the tone of tenderness, the manifestations of beauty - as sound, image , emotion and messages, aesthetics in the highest expression, style, class and something elusive ...
Completely in the tone of the famous refrain "Love Is In The Air" ...
The magnificent concert performance "Love in the American way" was excitingly built - through music, speech, wonderful excerpts from romantic movies, complementing the overall impression on a multimedia screen. And it was undeniably sincere and truly touching all the senses.
There was hardly one of the large audience who chose to spend the festive evening in the temple of music, who was not really excited. Because art was created to be an invisible bridge between the pragmatic reality and the spiritual dimensions of the Beautiful.

Here is part of the verbal text of the script, brilliantly combined with the musical, which alternated in an exciting symbiosis:

"Dear Prince,

I, like any young girl, dreamed of you. I have been waiting for you for so long and I secretly hoped that you would find me, that you would appear one fine day on your white horse and take me away. To show me a more beautiful world, to see wonderful places, to pamper me, to take care of me, to feel like a princess.

And for a long time I had no eyes for anyone else, because I was waiting only for you.

The dream man, the prince of fairy tales.

But one day, while I was waiting for you, I don't know how and where a No Prince came from. He did not have a white horse, but he had a soul, and in fact he was my prince - real, kind, patient and loving. My prince, who does not fight dragons to save me, but who stands against anyone who dares to hurt me.

Thank you for not finding me a prince, because now I have a wonderful non-prince with a big heart who has no horse, but offered me the stars ... "

Wonderful, full-blooded standing on the stage, radiating the fluids of love for music and speech, were the wonderful Joanna Kadiyska, Valeri Turmanov and Mira Iskarova! They got the magic, the spark!
At the end of the colorful and rich in emotions - in their entire spectrum, was presented the traditional basket of flowers by the Mayor of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov.



Photos: State Opera Burgas