22 december 2022 A Delightful End To The Year With The Christmas Concert

The festive CHRISTMAS CONCERT of the Burgas State Opera this evening was a kind of gift for all those who appreciate art and believe in its impactful power.
We are on the eve of the bright Christian holiday of the Nativity of Christ.
In the blessed pre-Christmas days, the team of the Burgas State Opera presented a concert spectacle in which the attendees experienced exciting moments with the ever-present talent of the magnificent singers and musicians on the stage of the Burgas Opera.
A stage sparkling with festivity, beautiful spiritual performers, sublime messages - all this was present - as a feeling, during the Christmas concert - the last event for the extremely eventful year 2022.
The program was selected to taste, and the attitude of all participants was professional. It is the dedication in the process of preparing a large-scale concert of such rank, requiring "behind the scenes" work and dedication of teams of specialists - conductors, musicians, singers, instrumentalists, accompanists, technical services, organizers. To obtain the final impactful aesthetic product, which was deservedly appreciated by the large audience, which sent the performers and the conductor to their feet.
Got the invisible solder of all the components tonight.
It had a festive feel to it.
The program featured works by the genius representatives of the Vienna Classical School, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Joseph Haydn.
In the first part of the concert, the Overture from the opera "Kidnapping from the Barn" by V. A. Mozart was performed - tight, with mood and typical Mozart finesse.
An exceptional highlight of the program followed - the performance of Concerto for cello and orchestra No. 1 by Joseph Haydn, brilliantly presented by the young musician of worldwide recognition Atanas Krastev, who is always an awaited and welcome guest on the Burgas stage.
Remarkable technique, emotional padding, and philosophical depth were presented by the eminent cellist on stage - and tonight.
And he was rewarded with a stormy approving reaction from the audience.
Endless applause after the performance of the impressive "Nelson" mass by Haydn also deserved:
the magnificent soloists - soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova, tenor Yani Nikolov Yani Nikolov, bass Kostadin Mechkov; the magnificent young talents from the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" with conductor Svetla Stoeva Choir Burgas, the wonderful sounding choir of the State Opera - Burgas with conductor Nevena Mihaylova and the unifier of the festive performances tonight - the wonderful professionals from the orchestra of the Burgas Opera under the baton of Jordan Dafov.
After the concert, Maestro Dafov was visibly satisfied with the performance level, the demonstrated class, the flowers presented by young art admirers, and, of course, the full hall!
In the rehearsal process for the preparation of the stage splendor of the large-scale "Nelson" mass, the piano part was performed by the brilliant pianist Iliana Todorova.
Radiating beautiful, stylish, and radiant were all around 150 singers and musicians on the stage, which was in sync with the overall brilliance - with its stylish layout.
In the musical-scenic Christmas extravaganza on December 22, the soloists and choral formations created the festive chords of the concert to generate, empathize and convey the Christmas spirit.
At the end of the festive evening, baskets of flowers were presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and by Nikola Devedzhiev, a student from the trumpet class of Svetoslav Vasilev, leader of the trumpet group.
Representatives of the local administration - the chairman of the Municipal Council - Prof. Sevdalina Turmanova Sevdalina Turmanova, Diana Savateva Diana Savateva - deputy mayor with department "Culture, tourism and sport", multilingual foreign guests - were noticed in the audience - during the intermission and after at the end of the concert German, Italian, English, Ukrainian, Russian speech could be heard in the hall.
To our loyal fans, who continue to fill the hall of the Burgas Opera, as well as to the audience from all cities in Bulgaria, who enthusiastically welcome our concerts and performances, we wish - with gratitude:
May the coming bright holidays of the Nativity of Christ await you with a series of happy events, warmth and sharing, and peaceful and harmonious Christmas days!
Thank you for trusting the threshold of the Temple of Music - State Opera - Burgas and continuing to trust in the power of Art - reviving and life-giving!
We hope that in the next year 2023 you will be an integral part of experiencing our concerts and performances, continuing to believe in the ennobling role of music, which makes our lives richer in nuances and colors it with depth, beauty, and sense!

Photos: State Opera - Burgas