05 december 2019 VIVA VERDI Has Become A Celebration Of Opera Art

The VIVA VERDI Gala became tonight's Opera House!
The soloists of the State Opera - Burgas had an emotional and memorable stage presence: soprano Ioana Zhelezcheva, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Nona Krastnikova and Stefka Hristozova, mezzo-soprano Daniela Dyakova and Yoana Kadiyska, tenors Petar Kostov and Yani Nikolov Alexandrov Krunev, Valeri Turmanov, Delayn Slavov, Diman Panchev and Kostadin Mechkov.
The arias, duets, and ensembles of Giuseppe Verdi's opera masterpieces were accompanied by the orchestra and the choir  of the State Opera - Burgas. Maestro Tsanislav Petkov conducts a rich program presenting masterpieces of Verdi's work. The program was selected with style, sense, knowledge of the details of the operatic works of Giuseppe Verdi, the specifics of his music, and an intelligent approach to interpretation, reading the messages embedded in the scores. Each of the soloists, in their individual performances as well as in the stage interaction with their colleagues, was extremely focused, recreating the emotional charge of the respective aria or ensemble. The soldering between the musical text, the dramatic nuances of the presented images, as well as that which is invisible but tangible - the stage charisma and impact, was obtained.
The choir, with conductor Nevena Mihaylova, was in brilliant interaction with the soloists, and the orchestra, with concertmaster Yordan Kovachev, was again at the usual high level.
The program of the opera gala VIVA VERD sounded: Overture from the opera "The Power of Destiny", arias from "Nabucco" and "Macbeth", arias and duets from "Simon Bocanegra", "Mask Ball" and Don Carlos ", Choir of the Jews and the Nabucco Ensemble, the Aida tercet, the Rigoletto Quartet, the Matador and Choir of the Traviata. The glamorous finale of the VIVA VERDI Opera Gala was the Aida triumphal scene - Gloria d'egitto.
In keeping with expectations, the Opera Hall was filled with admirers of classical music this evening, and the State Opera - Burgas presented to its audience a surprise - a toast with a glass of wine at the intermission - on the occasion of the forthcoming Burgas Day - Saint Nicholas Day, and in honor of the immortal music by the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. The beautifully designed stage and lighting also blended in with the spirit of celebration and were part of the overall aesthetic impact of the evening.

Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov