23 february 2023 Winners Of The "Stoyan Popov" Competition Shine In "La Traviata" The conductor is maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, the young tenor Andrei Mirchev makes his debut in the role of Alfred Germont

Оne of the most popular opera titles - Verdi's "La Traviata", will be a bright highlight in the program of the State Opera - Burgas on the last day of February.

Under the baton of the famous maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, an honorary citizen of Burgas, on the stage of the Burgas Opera on February 28, Tuesday, from 7 p.m., a whole galaxy of wonderful young opera artists will come out to tell the tragic story of beautiful love, subject to pure heart impulses, but marred by prejudice and the inexorability of fate.

The beautiful young soprano Victoria Melnik, laureate of the First National Competition for Young Opera Singers with International Participation "Stoyan Popov" / October 17-21, in the hall of State Opera - Burgas/. Victoria earned her right to participate in a performance of the Burgas Opera, as the winner of the second prize among women from the competition, in which more than 50 singers from 8 countries took part.

Andreya Mirchev, the young promising tenor who has recently been a soloist of the Burgas Opera and has already made several memorable appearances, makes his debut in the role of Alfred Germont.

The laureate of the First "Stoyan Popov" competition - the baritone Mateusz Michalowski, Poland, winner of the first prize in the men's category - enters the image of Georges Germont.

In the role of Flora Bervois, who, together with Violetta Valéry, shines in Paris society from the middle of the 19th century, mezzo-soprano Ioana Kadiyska, laureate of the First Stoyan Popov Competition, winner of the first prize for women. Recently, the Burgas audience had the privilege to watch and listen to the beautiful young singer in the comic opera "The Beautiful Helen" by Jacques Offenbach - in the role that fully corresponds to her role - Helen, Queen of Sparta, and in the romantic concert dedicated to Valentine's Day - "Love Story", which features music from classic French cinema.Bass Kostadin Mechkov will be Baron Dufault, baritone Branimir Nedkov as Marquis d'Aubigny, Darina Zapryanova as Anina, Milen Dinolov as Vicomte Gaston de Lettorier, Diman Panchev as Doctor Grenville, Miroslav Dimitrov as Joseph and Nikolay Nikolov - Servant of Flora.

The magnificent direction of "La Traviata" is by Associate Professor Dr. Alexander Tekeliev and combines original concepts and a non-standard approach to the construction of images in the dramatic plot based on the novel "La Dame aux Camélias" by Alexandre Dumas - son "La Dame aux Camélias".

The scenography of Catalin Arbore /Romania/ is attractive and contains an allegorical charge, in which mirror images are used - as a symbol of the metamorphoses in the human soul and the unity of the light and dark beginning in the overall appearance of a person. A magnificent fusion between music, dramaturgical messages, and mirror effects of the original scenographic solutions, which seem to reflect the inner world and contradictions in the plane of different angles, revealing unsuspected truths - about people, relationships, and interdependencies. The visual-semantic leitmotif of camellias, in sync with the literary source, runs through the whole action - as a symbol of worldly luxury and frivolity, as well as the lost hopes crushed by the decisions of Fate - in the form of those thrown on the mirror under unsent letters to the beloved.

The artistic compositions of an orchestra - with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, choir - with conductor Nevena Mihailova, and ballet - choreography - Galina Kalcheva, tutor Marina Zmeeva - take part in the attractive performance. The assistant director of the production is Lina Peeva.

"La Traviata" is an opera that every music lover should have seen in several stage versions - to find, through his own taste and sensibility for art, the one that impresses his criteria - both as an aesthetic, as a vision, and as a way of conveying the timeless messages of the classics in a modernized way that resonates with the current issues of today.

Definitely, the production of the Burgas Opera is a gauntlet of challenge, thrown to the routine and scholasticism in the interpretation of the eternal theme of love, not subject to preconceived notions and the pressure of the conjuncture, the failures of the soul, the search for comfort in reciprocity.

And above all – an apotheosis of Beauty, in its most exalted dimensions.

And a unifier of all the messages of "La Traviata" - the eternal music of Verdi.