23 december 2021 A wonderful Christmas Concert At The End Of The Calendar Year

The festive concert of the State Opera - Burgas tonight was a gift for all who appreciate art and believe in its purifying and invigorating power.
We are on the eve of the holy Christian holiday of Christmas, which unites our aspirations to a fairer and more beautiful world, where thoughts and deeds merge into a pure stream of hope - for more creativity, charity, understanding, harmony, love!
In the blessed pre-Christmas days the team of the State Opera Burgas presented a spiritual gift - a concert performance in which the audience experienced exciting moments so far with the art and talent of the great singers and musicians on the stage of the Burgas Opera!
Beauty, talent, a stage sparkling with festivity, performers illuminated by the spark of the spiritual mission they perform, messages and invigorating mood - all this was present - as a feeling, during the CHRISTMAS CONCERT - the last event of the busy year 2021.
The skillfully selected program, professional attitude of all participants and most importantly for events of this rank, requiring "behind the scenes" work and dedication of teams of specialists - conductors, musicians, singers, instrumentalists, technical services, organizers. In order to obtain the final aesthetic product, which was deservedly appreciated by the numerous and grateful Burgas audience, the invisible fusion of all components, interdependent - as integral parts of a harmonious whole is needed.
Sincere and spontaneous applause deserved:
the magnificent soloists - sopranos Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, Ilina Gospodinova, tenor Yani Nikolov, baritone Branimir Nedkov, the wonderful graduates of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas - Olga Doikova Olga Doikova, violin, and the pedagogues - Elena Kleppe and Lyudmila Ivanova /, and Todor Ivanov, cello - from the class of Jasmina Cherneva Jasmina Cherneva / - both students are winners of numerous international and national awards; the wonderful young talents from the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" with conductor Svetla Stoeva, the exceptional professionals from the choir of the State Opera - Burgas with conductor Nevena Mihaylova, and the unifier of all wonderful festive performances tonight - the Burgas Opera Orchestra under the baton of maestro Tsanislav Petkov, who was perfect tonight! The piano parts, which complemented the festive color of the musical accompaniment, were performed tonight by the pianists Iliana Todorova and Daria Krasteva Eola Max.
The host of the concert evening was Kalina Popova - stylish and skillfully announcing each of the performances.
Brilliant, conveying mood and messages, beautiful, stylish, radiant were all on the stage, which duly impressed the overall brilliance - with its stylish layout.
In the musical and stage extravaganza on December 22, the soloists and choirs created the festive chords of the Christmas concert and managed to convey to the audience the charge generated by the contact with art, which is invaluable Christmas gift.
The program featured emblematic Christmas titles: "Silent Night, Holy Night - Music - Franz Gruber, Arrangement - Prof. Alexander Tekeliev," Hallelujah "by Georg Friedrich Handel," Panis Angelicus "by Caesar Frank," Sheinichka "by Leroy Anderson, Ave Maria "by Giulio Caccini," Angels of the Messenger Sing "by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdi," Ave Maria "by Pietro Maskani," Benedictus "by Carl Jenkins / soloist Todor Ivanov, cello - a great young musician, a real young philosopher in interpretation "Gypsy Songs" by Pablo Sarasate / inspired by Olga Doikova, violin, which presented the difficult play with surprising maturity, scope, and emotional charge /, "Christmas Eve" - ​​by Haygashot Aghasyan, "It's Christmas Again", "Santa Claus", Silver Bells, War Is Over and Children's Suite.
At the end of the festive evening, baskets of flowers were presented by Prof. Maria Neykova, District Governor, the Mayor of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and the Municipality of Sozopol.
Representatives of the local administration, journalists, as well as regular visitors to events of the Burgas Opera were noticed in the audience.
To our loyal fans who have stayed with us, despite the challenges of difficult times, we wish - from the bottom of our hearts and with gratitude:
With the coming bright holidays, pleasant surprises, a series of happy events, warmth, and sharing, well-meaning people in the environment, more peace and confidence, as well as a long-awaited creative start to 2022, which will bring a reliable for a calmer future !!
Thank you for stepping on the threshold of the Temple of Music - State Opera - Burgas, even in times of trial for all of us, you continued to rely on Art!
We hope that next year you will be an integral part of the empathy of our concerts and performances, continuing to believe in the ennobling role of music, which makes our lives richer in nuances and paints it with depth, beauty, and meaning!

Photos: State Opera - Burgas