10 june 2020 Works by Bulgarian Аuthors Sound In The Ethnographic Museum


On June 13, 2020, at 7.30 pm, in the garden of the Burgas Ethnographic Museum, the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas will perform vocal works by Bulgarian composers. The concert is part of the program of the first of a series of thematic summer weekends organized by the Municipality of Burgas in Season 2020. The pilot edition is Ethno Handmade Weekend / June 12-14, 2020 / Precisely because of the thematic connection with the idea, the soloists of the State Opera - Burgas have selected songs composed on the basis of Bulgarian folk music, with its characteristic melodic and harmonic combinations, original and inimitable, with which our folklore is  recognizable  and highly valued around the world.

The concert in the courtyard of the Ethnographic Museum, where other open-air concerts were held, but for the first time opera voices will be heard, will participate Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova - soprano, who will perform "Nani mi, Nani, Damyancho" by Lyubomir Pipkov and "Girl" by Dobri Hristov. "Moonlight, Glowing" by Dimitar Petkov, "One Rose" by Parashkev Hadjiev, and "I'll Pray You" by Dimitar Petkov will be performed by soprano Nona Krasnikova. Mezzo-soprano Joanna Kadiyska will present "Evening Hour", "Expectation" and "I Don't Have to Think About You" by Georgi Zlatev Cherkin. "Grozdano Mome" by Parashkev Hadzhiev and "I drink wine" by Dobri Hristov will be sung by the tenor Yani Nikolov. "Dafino wine" and "Mincho to Minka winked" by Pancho Vladigerov will be performed by Branimir Nedkov - baritone. "Belcho's song" from the musical "The Four Twins" by Georgi Kostov will be presented by baritone Yordan Hristozov. We will hear the bass Delyan Slavov with the songs "Petruno, Colorful Chicken" by Georgi Kostov and "Ya, breaking Up" by Dobri Hristov. The concert "Ethno" will end with "Haidushka" by Dobri Hristov, performed by Diman Panchev - bass. The soloists will be accompanied by Mira Iskarova.

Welcome to experience the incomparable invigorating beauty of Bulgarian musical motifs, rhythm, and originality, recreated through the voices and artistry of the soloist of the State Opera - Burgas!