23 june 2020 Young Soloists And Conductor Of The Chamber The Opera

An intriguing program has prepared the Burgas Opera for the chamber concert on June 24, Wednesday, at 19.00, in the Opera Hall. Under the baton of the young conductor Tsanislav Petkov will sound: Chamber Symphony №10 by Felix Mendelssohn, Piano Concerto №12 in A major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Serenade" by Antonin Dvorak and "Sevdana" by Georgi Zlatev.

Soloists will be the young pianist Daria Krasteva, who recently worked as an accompanist at the State Opera - Burgas, and Olga Doykova, a 12-year-old violinist, who made her debut as a soloist in the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas. Her last stage performance by Daria Krasteva was at the opera concert "Prayer - Faith, Hope, Love" - ​​on June 19, at the Flora Exposition Center, where she successfully partnered with the soloists of the Burgas Piano Opera. Daria Krasteva will perform Concerto for Piano and Orchestra №12 in A major by WA Mozart. The interesting thing about Mozart's Twelfth Piano Concerto is that it is composed not only for a concert performance on stage but also for performance at home - by piano and string quartet.

After the piano and orchestra concert, Mendelssohn's Chamber Symphony №10 will be performed. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi is one of the most significant German composers of the Romantic era. He draws inspiration from German, Italian, and Scottish folk songs, as well as from the German musical heritage - Bach, Handel, Gluck, Haydn, Beethoven, and Schubert. In his work, he combines neo-romantic tendencies with the traditions of musical classicism, and his music is characterized by a bright melody and is saturated with gentle poetic lyricism.

The other pleasant surprise of the chamber concert will be the 12-year-old violinist Olga Doykova, who has won numerous awards at prestigious competitions and will perform for the first time as a soloist of the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas. She will perform the exciting work of Georgi Zlatev Cherkin "Sevdana", characterized by its nostalgic melody, bearing the poetics of an old legend. The play is for the violin and piano in the original. The composer Cherkin was shaken by the legend of Pashov rocks after a visit to the Velingrad region. The area is located near Yundola, and from the place, there is a beautiful panorama of the Rhodope Mountains. Legend has it that a pasha from Tatar Pazardzhik came to this area to hunt. The beautiful Sevdana was grazing her goats nearby. Pasha saw her, liked her very much, and tried to kidnap her. Sevdana's fiancé Giurgiu came to the rocks, threw the shepherd into the abyss and he and Sevdana ran away.

The instrumentalists from the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas will perform under the baton of the young conductor, but already with enviable experience behind the counter - Tsanislav Petkov, the concertmaster will be Yordan Kovachev.


The chamber concert is the first indoor event since the beginning of the state of emergency / March 13, 2020 / of the State Opera - Burgas. Due to the change in the epidemiological situation and the new safety measures imposed on 22.06.2020 by the Ministry of Health, we inform our guests that they should carry a protective mask. In case they do not have one, they will be provided with one free of charge - before the start of the concert.


For the conductor and soloists:

Tsanislav PETKOV:

Pianist, graduated with a master's degree in opera and symphony conducting at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia in the class of Prof. Plamen Djurov. Tsanislav Petkov is only 30 years old, but he has an enviable career as a conductor. He has conducted many projects as a student, and his debut was as a conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra. He was the conductor of the orchestra of the National Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski" - Sofia. Along with his work at the State Opera - Burgas, he is the chief conductor of the Haskovo Chamber Orchestra.

Olga DOYKOVA, violin

Olga Doykova was born in 2007 in the city of Sliven. He started playing the violin from the first grade in NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Buras in the class of Elena Kleppe. Since the age of 8 he has been working with Mrs. Lyudmila Ivanova - a famous violin teacher with extensive experience. Olga is an excellent student and actively participates in the concert life of the school. He has also won numerous awards from national and international competitions:

2016 - First prize at the International Children's Festival "Ship of Arts" - Pomorie;

2017 - First prize at the International Children's Festival "Ship of Arts" - Pomorie;

2018 - First prize, the award of the mayor of Burgas and a scholarship from the fund of the Municipality of Burgas from the National Competition for Young Performers of Bulgarian Music "Varban Varbanov" - Burgas;

2018 - Third prize at the XII International Competition for Young Performers of Classical Musical Instruments - Pernik;

2019 - First prize at the National Competition "Music of Europe" 2019 / MAGIC / - Burgas;

2019 - First prize and master bow from the II National Competition "Alfred Biner" - Sofia;

2019 - Second prize at the XXIII International Music Competition "Hopes, Talents, Masters" - Dobrich;

Olga Doykova plays a master violin by the famous luthier Hristo Chesmedjiev, which he gave her in 2018.

In the summer of 2019, she is an active participant in the master class of Prof. Mincho Minchev in Varna and plays at the final of the IMF "Varna Summer". Now he is preparing to participate again in the master class of Mincho Minchev and for the national competition "Varban Varbanov" Burgas.


Daria KRASTEVA, piano

Daria Krasteva was born on September 18, 1995, in the town of Pomorie. She started playing the piano at the age of 7 in the music school at the community center "Svetlina" - Pomorie with teacher Elena Ilieva. He continues his education at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas. Her teachers are Irina Ivanova, Vanya Peneva, and Julia Nenova. He graduated piano at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia as a student of Prof. Yovcho Krushev and Prof. Dimo ​​Dimov. In 2018-2019 he studied in the class of Prof. Georgia Alessandra Brustia at the Claudio Monteverdi Conservatory, Bolzano, Italy. He has received numerous awards from various forums.

XIX National Competition "Varban Varbanov" - Third Prize

XX National Competition "Varban Varbanov" - Second Prize

International Festival "Sun, Joy, Beauty" - Third place (2011)

International Art Competition "Joy on the Beach" - First place (2011)

I International Competition for Pianists "Scriabin - Rachmaninoff" - III prize and bronze medal

Academic competition "Prokofiev - Nenov" - III prize

Awarded by the Municipality of Pomorie for active participation in the cultural life of the city (2012) She was awarded twice by the Municipality of Burgas for high results in the field of music (2011, 2013). An active participant in "Free Stage of the Young Artist".

Participated in master classes of Prof. Marina Kapatsinskaya, Prof. Dr. Atanas Kurtev, Prof. Ivan Donchev, Prof. Margarita Krasteva, Prof. Georgia Alessandra Brustia, Prof. Stefano Bozzolo, Prof. Cristiano Burato, Prof. Denise Armand Jellanby, Prof. Luigi Mariani, Prof. Peter Tuit, Prof. Martino Tirimo, Prof. Boyan Vodenicharov, Prof. Tomislav Baynov and others.

Accompanist of the Anhialo Ladies' Choir (Pomorie) from 2012 to 2014.

Since 2012 he has been actively giving solo recitals and participating in various themed evenings. He is a participant in "Burgas - the best city to live" with a solo recital. She has participated in various musical events such as: "I LOVE BULGARIAN MUSIC" in the concert complex "Bulgaria", Final concert of the Chopin Society at the Polish Institute and others.

He has participated as a soloist of the chamber orchestra "Orpheus" in Pernik (conductor Raycho Hristov), ​​the Student Chamber Orchestra at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia and of the Academic String Orchestra at the National Music Academy“ Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia. In 2019 he participated in three recitals in Switzerland in the Easter tour Montcherand-Geneva-Friborg In 2019 - participant in the piano week London-Bozen (master classes, seminars, and concerts) In October 2019 he started working as an accompanist at the State Opera - Burgas.