Sleeping Beauty Ballet-extravaganza in three acts by music by PI Tchaikovsky

Ballet-extravaganza in three acts by music by PI Tchaikovsky

Libretto by Marius Petipa and Ivan Vsevolozhsky
By the eponymous tale of Charles Feather

Production and directing - Prof. HIKMET Mehmedov
Choreography by MARIUS PETIPA and Prof. HIKMET Mehmedov
Ballet Assistant - VESA TONOVA

Actors and contractors:

King Florestan XIV

The Queen

Princess Aurora, their daughter

Catalabut, ceremonial master

Lilac Fairy

Karabos, an evil fairy

Prince Desiree

Four gentlemen

Fairy of Tenderness

Fertility Fairy

Fairy of generosity

Carefree Fairy

Fairy of Courage

The procession of fairy tales:


Princess Florin

The cat in boots and the White cat

The Red Hat and the Scary Wolf

With the participation of soloists and the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas and with the special participation of the graduates of the ballet classes at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas.



Hall in the palace of King Florestan XIV. The King and Queen give a big celebration in honor of their newborn daughter, Princess Aurora. Notable guests from near and far are invited. The goddess of Aurora is the Lilac Fairy. She brings her sisters, the good fairies, to offer their gifts too. The fairies bless the newborn princess over her cradle: to grow beautiful, smart, good and happy! However, when the Lilac Fairy was coming, however, the palace-trembling Ceremonial Grandmaster Catalabut rushed into the hall with alarming tidings - by his own negligence he had failed to invite the Aurora baptism to the Karabos Fairy, and now she was offended by insults. the palace. The King and Queen's horror is incredible - they both know how damnable, insidious and vindictive Karabos is. The evil fairy arrives with all her repulsive cohort. Aurora's parents beg her for forgiveness - really unwilling; however, the ceremonial master will be punished - at the discretion of Karabos himself. The evil fairy, however, is in no way touching, on the contrary, it becomes even more daring and vile. She lashed out at Catalabut, combing his hair, making fun of everyone present. In vain it turns out that the good fairies' attempt to intercede. Karabos bursts into sinister laughter and makes his black spell: yes, Aurora will be smart and beautiful, and happy - at least until she stabs herself with a needle or something else sharp ... because then she will fall asleep forever. Everyone is overwhelmed with constant despair. Then the Fairy of the Lilac is approaching the baby cradle, to which the invasion of Karabos has prevented him from offering his gifts and magical wishes. The godfather of Aurora can no longer eliminate the dreaded curse, but she is able to soften it: the princess will indeed be long - really long - captive in the dream, but not forever, but only until the moment in which a beautiful prince captured by her beauty will wake her with a kiss. This casts the vengeful Karabos into another outburst of devastating anger, and she retreats, continually pouring out entreaties and taunts for the good fairies, the landmarks that surround the Aurora swing.

There is a big celebration in the royal court: Princess Aurora's coming of age. Fortunately, the spell of the malicious Karabos has not been fulfilled. Contributing to the adorable royal daughter being able to celebrate her sixteenth birthday may also be the strict - and unabashedly observed - order of King Florestan: under the threat of the harshest punishment, no one in the palace and throughout the royal court should touch to needles, pins, crochet hooks and all kinds of sharp objects. The ill-fated Catalabut vigilantly observes that the highest will is not violated. When he notices a few peasants heading for the castle, but for the evil fate they forget to leave the needles they work with at home, the ceremonial master immediately captures them and drives them to prison. At that moment, Florestan XIV and his wife are surrounded by a group of detainees, surrounded by their distinguished guests, including the candidates for Aurora's hand. The parents of the princess are horrified when they understand what the peasants were guilty of, but in the name of an important holiday for the whole kingdom, they generously decided to forgive them. Pardoned women indulge in joyful dancing, enthrall others, and the park in front of the palace looks like a spring-covered waterfall in a waterfall. Aurora arrives with her young court ladies and pagans. Encircled by happiness, she rushes into the whirlwind of joyful dancing, enveloped in sweet anticipation of an approaching love affair. But none of the princes who came to the holiday hoping to win her hand and her heart caused that unnamed, butterfly quiver in the soul of the young princess. Aurora doesn't stop her maiden dance. In the midst of the rocking crowd, a ragged, unsightly old lady measures the beat of her music with her spindle. The unsuspecting princess confidently takes the spindle - an object previously unknown to her - into her hands and continues to dance with it. But her dance suddenly broke. Drops of bloodstain Aurora's hand. Without noticing, she was sprained. All are fossilized with horror; they have not forgotten the evil fairy's outline. Aurora goes to sleep and falls to the ground. At that moment, the imaginary rich old woman throws off her ragged robes and in front of everyone in all her ominous splendor faces the triumphant evil Karabos. The princes and the guards immediately descend upon her, but she disappears, drowning in a blood-curdling giggle. The Lilac Fairy is coming. She swings her magic wand, and the whole palace sinks into a deep, awake dream.

Many years later. Morning in the woods. Prince Desiree is invited to breakfast at a clearing near the high-water river before continuing his hunt. His company of archers and ladies is in high spirits. They indulge in games and dances, and the maid joins and the meadow twists on a lush, breathtaking map that emerged from beneath the brush of a virtuoso painter. The prince's guardian offers him a closer look at the girls around him: none of these adorable creatures deserve to be his fiancee ... Prince Desiree's heart, however, knows why he remains curtailed, unresponsive. A scout reports that they have found a game of the game. The prince orders the hunters to go on without him, as he feels tired. The waters of the river bring a boat of mother-of-pearl, studded with gems shining in the sun and encased in gold. In it is the Lilac Fairy. She waves her wand, and the image of Aurora emerges before Desiree's gaze. In this image, the prince sees the woman he has always dreamed of. Maddened by love, he descends on the beautiful girl, tries to touch and hold her in his arms, but then she slips away, hiding from his feverish gaze until she finally disappears altogether. The prince kneels in front of the Lilac Fairy and asks her to help him get to Aurora. The fairy picks him up on his magic boat, and they both sail to the enchanted kingdom of Florestan XIV.

The palace of King Florestan XIV. Everyone has fallen into a sleepy dream. Karabos with its pagans swirled in ominous dances near the slumber. The lilac fairy comes and chases Carabaos and her vile retinue then introduces Prince Desiree. He is beyond happy that he is finally at his mysterious beloved. Desiree approaches the sleeping Aurora and kisses her with all her tenderness. The evil of evil Karabos instantly loses its power. Aurora wakes up, and with her everyone else in the palace. Desiree asks King Florestan for Aurora's hand. The King gives his blessing.

A Feast at the Palace of King Florestan XIV. At the wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Desiree, the dances have no end. Congratulations to the newlyweds, who are overflowing with happiness, present the fairy godmothers with fairies and a whole swarm of fairy-tale characters: the Blue Bird, the Red Riding Hood and the Scary Wolf, the Cat in Boots and the White Cat, the Dwarf and his brothers, Cinderella and the Prince…