LITTLE SUFFURERS Musical for children by Alexander Yosifov

         Once there was a grandmother - of course, Tsotsolana, and her grandson Patilancho. Only troubles did this Patilancho create for his grandmother and with him his loyal Patilanese troupe - Ghana, Dana, Gancho and Dancho, and a small and very cute puppy named Tiger. The little rascals messed them up so much that they even left Grandma Tsotsolana without festive handwriting for her sixtieth birthday! Well, Grandma Tsotsolana has friends too, but the holiday has not turned into a nightmare - her Uncle Gogo the hairdresser will dress her a festive hairstyle, her aunt Stanislav will prepare her cake on four floors, her Uncle Strati will arrive with all her good mood, and herbs from the mountain!

          Okay, but sometimes the big ones can't fix the white Patilans! Patilancho and his wife are so involved in the role of helpers to the good uncle Gogo that they cut Grandma Tsotsolana in a way that she does not like ... After that, Patilancho will go home right now! Unless he gets sick and stays with his grandmother - said-done!

          But Patilancho has some good experiences with his grandmother. Like the one time, a thief allegedly goes home and steals Grandma Tsotsolana's money bag. The toddler and his loyal Tiger dog find the bag that fell behind the couch, with the grandmother's retirement inside. How can you not let such a good dog stay at home! And for her good heart, Grandma Tsotsolana was proclaimed a member of the Patilana squad and dearly named Grandma Patilana!

          A story about toddlers, crutches, dogs and grannies Tsotsolani, with which we will laugh with heart!