THE MAGIC FLUTE Аn adaptation for children by V.A Mozart's opera

Director - Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva

Restoration - Lina Peeva, Peter Tiholov

Accompaniment - Stanka Argirova-Apostolova


Queen of the Night

First lady

Second lady

Third lady

Pamina - daughter of the Queen of the Night

Tamino is a prince in love with Pamina

Papageno - a bird hunter, a friend of Tamino and in love with Papageno

Papagena - Papageno's favorite

Monostasos is a villain



          Once upon a time, there was good and evil, light and dark ... which were always in battle with each other. Of course, good always wins!

          But there are different things going on in this fight ...

          Such as the fact that young Prince Tamino goes hunting. But during this hunt, he falls into the kingdom of the Queen of the night and gets lost there. And it's not just lost. There he is attacked by a huge evil snake!

          But the story can't end here! With the help of Tamino, the three court ladies of the evil Queen of the Night come to rescue him from the snake. After the ladies leave, Tamino comes to his senses. He sees a dead serpent lying nearby. At this time, the merry and talkative bird hunter Papageno approaches and immediately begins to boast that he killed the snake himself. However, the three ladies hear Papageno's lies and decide to punish him. They lock his mouth with a padlock so he can no longer lie. From the three ladies, Tamino learns who saved him and thanked them warmly. They show him the portrait of Pamina. In a moment Tamino falls in love with the beautiful girl. The ladies tell him that she is the daughter of the Queen of the Night, who was abducted by the evil Sarastro, and they ask the young prince to help save her. influence of her cruel mother. To bring the mission to a successful ending, the ladies present Tamino with a magic flute whose sounds can tame even the worst forces and magical bells that will keep the danger of the Papageno bird hunter accompanying the prince.

          As the guardian of Pamina, Sarastro appointed the Moor Monostasos, who, however, fell in love with her. The cruel Monostasos threatens her with death if she refuses to become his wife.

          Of course, there are many trials, lies, and deceptions in the fight between good and evil.

             Tamino in front of the temple of Sarastro. He immediately tries to enter, but he is confronted by the Speaker, one of the priests who reveals to him the truth of Zarastro's goodness and wisdom. Tamino is hesitant - wondering whether he believes the Queen of the night or accepts the sacredness of Sarastro. And Papageno wants to meet his love - a girl named Papagena, who was promised to him by Sarastro. The two young men, Tamino and Papageno, must enter the temple of wisdom and endure the ordeal of silence. Only then will Papageno get together with his beloved girl.

          At this time, the Queen of the Night meets with her daughter Pamina and orders her to kill Sarastro with a knife and take the solar circle that lies on his chest. Pamina confronts her mother, and her guard Monostasos takes advantage of the situation and wants Pamina to become his wife again - otherwise, she will destroy the girl. However, he was banished by one of the priests and for now, Pamina is saved.

          At the same moment, Papageno and Tamino are in the temple of wisdom. Papageno is unable to restrain himself and breaches the order of silence. The priests lead Dark, and Papageno gives up the ordeal and dreams of Papageno. She comes but in the image of an old woman. Engaged in Papageno's stories, the girl shows up in her true image, but Papageno doesn't deserve it yet.

But Tamino has withstood the trials and happily embraces his Pamina. Papageno cannot stand the loss of Papageno. Desperate, he seeks a rope to hang himself but remembers the magic bells that can save him from any trouble. The bird-catcher whistles and Papagena arrive immediately.

          The Queen of the Night, the three ladies and the Moor Monostasos, who became their ally, come to the temple with the intention of killing Sarastro. Monostatos changed to his previous lord because the Queen of the Night had promised to give his daughter his wife. However, before executing their decision, the conspirators are overwhelmed by the forces of good and sink into eternal fire.